Friday, April 11, 2014

Vows Renewed

Nope, it wasn't The Memet and I who renewed our vows (Although I wish we could afford to do so every 5 years. Haha!). It was The Memet's parents who did, as it was their 40th wedding anniversary. It was our idea though. We didn't want to wait for their 50th wedding anniversary, because... Well, who knows what could happen in another 10 years?

I did the wedding planning because at that time, I was the only one who could. They agreed to our idea in February of 2013. The wedding was to happen in April of the same year. So, I had roughly 2 months to plan a 40th wedding anniversary / wedding / renewal of vows. There were only around 60 guests, so the intimacy of the event helped a lot.

Let's go through a quick run down of the suppliers that I found in less than 2 months. Photos below are courtesy of Charles and Mitch. I can't give you their website or contact numbers, because they had a falling out. They're no longer in business...

Anyway. Here we go.

Hair & Makeup: Sarah Suyom Artistry

Sarah was really easy to work with. She listened to us and gave us the look that we were after. Her rates aren't ridiculously blown up either. You can contact her through her Facebook Page to request her rates.

I went with Potter's Hand because they were the most affordable invitation-maker that I could find. Plus, they didn't require a minimum number of pieces. I only needed 30 pieces of invites, so I was nearly at my wit's end when the suppliers that I initially asked all required a minimum of 50 pieces. I'm glad I found Potter's Hand. The only thing is... They misspelled Rizal. It was missing an L. I should've seen it when they showed me the draft, but I only paid attention to the names, the dates, and the time.

Note to Self: Next time, proof read the entire thing.

You can contact Potter's Hand through their Facebook Page as well.

Flowers: Roses & Zen

I love Roses and Zen. They supplied our flowers at our wedding and at my brother's wedding. So when my in laws got married again, I got Roses and Zen to do their flowers too. You can set a budget and they'll do their best to work with it. Kuya Dags and his wife are also very nice people. They don't have a website (which is too bad), but you can contact them through these mobile numbers: 0906.461.1252 or 0909.980.8265.

Cake & Cupcake Tower: A Cupcake Wish

Won't you agree that the cake, the cake topper, and the cupcakes are just totally adorable? I just love working with A Cupcake Wish. All the designs they make are unique for each client. Their cakes are super yummy too. AND, their packages are really affordable. You can view their other works on their Facebook Page.

Emcee: Froilan Calo, Jr. of Party Out Loud

Froilan was a great find. He's extremely easy to work with, and his rates are really competitive. We only had to shell out P3,500 for his talent. Not bad, right? He organized the reception program, thought up cool and fun games, and threw in a couple of songs for free! His voice is captivating too. Hehe! You can check out Party Out Loud on Facebook for more details.

Reception Venue: Filinvest Clubhouse

We got the reception venue for free because we knew several residents in Filinvest Cainta. And thank goodness, because the room they gave us had a dysfunctional air conditioning unit. The reception was set for lunch and in April, so just imagine how hot it was. Next time I get a reception venue, I'll have them turn on the air conditioning unit for me so that I can make sure it's working.

To be able to stick to our lowly budget, we got Queensland's most affordable sets. And I guess we were pretty lucky, because the dishes included in their cheapest set were Filipino food that my in laws preferred. We've had Queensland cater some of our other events in the past, and we knew that even though we got their cheapest package, we'd still get yummy food. My only gripe about them is that you have to provide your own water. They don't bring their own water to make the juices or iced teas. It has to come from you. It's a bit of a hassle, but for the price of the package, I guess it's reasonable. If you have the budget and want to go all out, Queensland has really great packages that include posh styling. Do check out their Facebook Page.

DIY, Ayayay...

Again, our budget for this wedding was really tight (since The Memet and I were the ones funding it). So to scrimp on the expenses, I went all out with the DIY. Most of the materials I used were already on-hand. Yep, even the ones for the souvenirs and prizes, since I'm a Human Nature and By Nature Handmade Soaps reseller.

So there you go. I'm glad we were able to pull that off for my in laws. We really wanted them to be wed again because they didn't have wedding pictures from their first wedding.

And don't you just find it inspiring when old couples can still be sweet and happy? I know I want The Memet and I to be just like them 40 years down the road. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

In Love with Wilson's Tagaytay

Let me start this post by saying that I am thoroughly in love with Wilson's in Tagaytay. It's a Dinner, Bed, and Breakfast kind of place that is absolutely pristine (everything's clean!) and serves delectable food. I was there twice last year with 2 different groups (1st, my family; 2nd, The Memet's family) and I honestly want to go back again.

They don't have a website that I can refer you to, because they prefer to be known by word of mouth, so I'll get started by peppering you with the tons of photos that I took during both my stays there. Let's start with the rooms, shall we? They have 3 types of bedrooms: Family, Petite, and Regular.

Family Rooms (P8500 per night, inclusive of dinner and breakfast)

The family rooms vary in size and each one's as unique as they are beautiful. Some of them have only 2 beds, while some have 3. They will normally give you the room that suits the number of people you'll be staying with.

Here's my family in our family room. Pardon the weird faces. That's as normal as they can get. Haha! Kidding.

Petite & Regular (P5000 - P5500 per night, inclusive of dinner and breakfast)

The Petite & Regular rooms are the ones in the main building. The price difference between the two types of rooms is based on the view of the pool. The rooms that have the view are P5500 per night, while the others are P5000 each. I can assure you though, that with or without the view, the rooms are all beautiful.

So as you can see, all the rooms are really, really nice. They all have individual bathrooms that are just as nice. Not all the bathrooms are big, but they are roomy. Hats off, really, to the architect and the designer who was able to make excellent use of the space.


Wilson's has great food. Being sister companies with Balay Indang, some say it's no surprise at all. But I've never been to Balay Indang, so I wouldn't really know. The food in Wilson's is really great anyway, so who's complaining? Haha! (Note to self: Visit Balay Indang)

Here are some of the dishes that were served to us during our first stay in Wilson's. They don't have a menu you can choose from. They like to surprise their guests.

Warning: When you go to Wilson's, make sure you have enough room in your tummy for lots of good food.



I hope my photos did justice to the food that they serve in Wilson's. I got hungry again just posting them here. Must. Go. Back. Soon.

Anyway, I'll take you through a quick tour around the place too. I'm sorry if this post is a bit picture heavy. (A bit?) I just want to be able to show you guys why I love Wilson's. Hehe!

Inside, you'll find a lot of picturesque nooks and crannies. I just love how everything's so different, and yet they look great together.

Outside, the main attraction's the pool. During our 2nd visit, we were with The Memet's niece and nephew. We could hardly get them out of the pool. We had a hard time extracting some of the adults from the pool too. Hahaha!

Pretty, right? :)

Wilson's Place is along Maglabe Drive in Tagaytay. It used to be known as Bakasyon Grande. It's a bit hard to find since it's far from the main road, but it's quite near Puzzle Mansion. So if you know where Puzzle Mansion is, you'll find Wilson's Place.

You can contact Ate Christy for inquiries and/or reservations at 0922.848.2842. Please ask her for the exact directions as well.


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