After a successful Day 1, Dems and I made our way back to the SMX Convention Center to witness Day 2. (We didn't have to travel far because we stayed the night at a nearby Microtel. Will blog about that soon.)

We slept in and loaded up on breakfast, so we arrived at the venue just as the opening talks at the plenary hall were wrapping up. That was a bit disappointing, but I was glad we chose to join the e-commerce track for the day because the talks were rather exciting!

Here are the topics that we got to attend plus the speakers' details:

  • Blended Transactions: Cash on Delivery - Jiten Lalwani, Co-Founder, Four Eyes
  • Scaling Up Your E-Commerce Business - Subir Lohani, Managing Director, Carmudi Philippines
  • Building a Sustainable Mobile Business in the Philippines - Arthur Policarpio, CEO, Mobext Philippines & Margot Torres, VP Marketing, McDonalds Philippines

Since Day 1, I loved how passionate the speakers were about the topics that they talked about. For someone with no solid background on e-commerce, I was easily able to relate. There was no room for boredom during the talks and I'm sure the attendees got quite a bang for their bucks.

Jiten Lalwani, Co-Founder, Four Eyes

Subir Lohani, Managing Director, Carmudi Philippines

Arthur Policarpio, CEO, Mobext Philippines

Margot Torres, VP Marketing, McDonalds Philippines

Just like the VIPs from Day 1, the speakers that we encountered during Day 2 were all very approachable. Here's another piece of proof:

Me, Ms. Margot Torres of McDonalds Philippines, and Dems

I'm a McDo girl so I was beyond thrilled when Ms. Torres agreed to pose with me and Dems. She was game! Haha! Our McDo photo is easily one of my favorites from the entire event - well, next to my photo with Zalora's CEO, Mr. Paulo Campos. Hahaha!

After the 3 talks, Dems and I wandered out on the floor and sat in on some of the on-floor seminars. The on-floor seminars are free for everyone, so it was no wonder that it was well-attended.

I was pretty amazed at how mobile devices went up every time the speakers changed the slides. Well, taking photos of the slides is definitely easier than writing everything down - I do it too! LOL!

I would say that wraps up my recap of one of the biggest Cards & Payments and E-Commerce Conventions in the Philippines for the year. I'm thinking about compiling all the quotable quotes from the speakers into one blog post, but I haven't fully decided on it yet. What do you think? If no one leaves a comment, then it's a no-go. :p

Earlier this month, my blogger friends and I attended one of the biggest e-commerce events that was brought into the country by a foreign organizer.

Cards & Payments Philippines and E-Commerce Show Philippinesby Terrapinn

It was 5:15 in the morning when Dems I met up at McDonald's in Marcos Highway last September 2nd. With wet hair and sleepy eyes, we grabbed some breakfast and got an Uber ride to SMX Convention Center.

Despite the horrible traffic, we at the SMX Convention Center with plenty of time to spare before our scheduled registration hour, and so we were able to get our photos taken at the big signboard outside without worries of being stared at by passersby.

After registration, we made our way to the plenary hall and grabbed front row seats.

Quite honestly, I never thought I'd enjoy a conference that talked about e-commerce and cards & payments, but I did!

Here's Ms. Sharon Roessen, Terrapinn's Managing Director for Asia, welcoming everyone to the event.

Ms. Roessen talked about how happy they were that they got such a big turnout for this event despite it being the first one they've ever organized in the Philippines. After Day 2, I couldn't help but be excited for the next conventions, because I'm more than sure they'll be more jam packed than the first one.

Day 1's Opening Plenary was packed with heavy-hitters like, oh, the CEOs of Lazada Philippines and Zalora Philippines. (The shopaholic in me was squealing with joy! Haha!) Here are some photos of the speakers at the opening plenary:

Ms. Maria Crispina Reodica, Chief Trade Industry Specialist, DTI
Ms. Janette Toral, Founder,
Mr. Inanc Balci, CEO, Lazada Philippines

Mr. Jose Benjamin Fernandez, COO, PayMaya

Mr. Paulo Campos, Co-Founder & CEO, Zalora Philippines
It was a VIP studded event, but I was stunned at how everyone mingled in between talks. I felt out of my league (um, lowly blogger and marketing assistant here), but even the CEOs were approachable! Want proof? Here you go:

I was so giddy when I saw Mr. Paulo Campos outside the function room that I didn't even bother checking my hair and my oiliness level before I approached him. I was even giddier (if that's even a word) that he agreed to a quick photo. I love shopping at Zalora, and I made sure to tell him that.

Did I mention that my dress and shoes were from Zalora? Yeah, I told him that too. LOL!

After the adrenaline high, we spent the rest of the day visiting all the booths and checking out what they had to offer.

My blogger friends on the other hand, took the opportunity to interview some of the exhibitors and sponsors.

That caps Day 1 of the convention. It sure was a fruitful one for everyone. I've been thinking of putting up an e-commerce site for quite some time and the talks from the plenary surely opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Interested in reading some of the quotes from the event? Head on over to Twitter and search for these two hashtags: #EcommercePhil and #CardsPhil. You'll learn lots just by reading the attendees' tweets.

Do watch out for my recap of Day 2 in the next few days. ♥

UPDATE! Read about Day 2 here:
Great news for all denim lovers out there! Denim is looking hotter than ever with trends changing the way we think about jeans and jackets.

Crisp White. A printed Denim Dress worn with a white jacket has a fresh appeal.
From high street slim-fit flares to Alexa Chung's collection for AG Jeans, and Yves Saint Laurent's festival ready thigh-high skimming shorts, there's just so much to offer this season! On the catwalks, Stella MacCartney played it cool with retro-wash dresses, Isabael Marant Etoile caught our eye with mid-wash style, and Burberry's feather-lined denim jacket has been the trophy of the trend.

At GTW by SM, denim receives a style overhaul this season in every incarnation possible - think dresses, dungarees, jackets, tunics, shoes, and skirts. That's denim heaven for everyone, not just the jeans-loving folks like me!

You can mix styles and play with colors to give denim a whole new attitude. Skinny, slouchy,d ark wash or faded - whatever way you like to wear denim, GTW by SM has got it:

1. Bohemian. Pair your all-time favorite denim jacket with a floral dress or printed skirt, and you're music festival ready.

Denim + Prints. A hooded denim jacket paired with a printed skirt.
Denim + Florals. A denim jacket paired with a floral printed dress mixes the fun and the feminine. 
2. Double Denim. Celebrities like Alexa Chung have been seen wearing two pieces of denim at the same time. A light blue denim top paired with navy skinny jeans will make you look effortlessly cool.

The Double- Denim. Feel good and look good in the season’s latest trend.
Denim + Denim. A sleeveless top worn with skinny jeans.
Denim +. Do denim with other pieces - lace skirts, floral printed girly dresses, blazers, and whites give denim a fresh new look.

Denim + Lace mixes the fun and the feminine.
Distressed Luxe. A blazer worn with distressed jeans brings a look that is at once polished and the edgy.
Denim Dressing. A Girly Dress Paired with a Denim Vest. 
Denim One. Be one and done in coveralls and rompers that celebrate all that is you and fun.

Be one and done with this denim romper worn with a white top. 
Rompers rock and so much more when made of denim.   

The fun and fab GTW by SM denim collection is available a The SM Store. Styles may vary per store.

*** All photos in this post were shot at Satchmi, SM Mega Fashion Hall.

Photography by: Raymond Celestino
Hair and Makeup: Sasha Tagud
Location: Satchmi, 4/L, SM Mega Fashion Hall
My "office mate" and I decided to hang out after work earlier today. Since traffic's an ongoing nightmare around Rizal and the Metro these days, we decided Rublou in Brookside's our best bet. It's near her subdivision and well, I live in Brookside. Yey for us!

Note: I said "office mate" because we both work from home and we're both employed by the same company. Hehe!

Anyway, we met up around 4pm, just in time for some afternoon snack. We heard about this new cafe in Rublou so we gave it a visit.

Cafe at Sunset

They were still on "dry run" and I guess they were all busy prepping for the grand opening, so the only things available on the menu were the drinks, sandwiches, and salads.

My friend and I ordered the same thing. Sorry, we both have rather sensitive tummies. Haha!

Sunset Iced Tea - P50

Tuna Melt - P88
The Sunset Iced Tea was great. It wasn't too sweet like some of the iced teas that I dislike. Plus, mason jars are cool. The Tuna Melt on the other hand was a pretty good deal. It came with some fries and a small side salad. Not bad at all for P88!

I checked out their menu and they've got a lot of promising stuff on there. I'm particularly excited about their Tokwa't Pork Belly Sisig. They'll also be serving steaks in the near future!

The food on their menu ranges from P95 - P158 pesos. Nothing too expensive. Even their cold and hot drinks are quite affordable. Their most expensive beverages are the cold ones at P120.

If you have time, Cafe at Sunset's Grand Opening is tomorrow, September 18th (the waiter told me). They'll also start serving cakes, pastries, and waffles tomorrow. Super excited! I hope The Memet will have some free time tomorrow so that we can drop by and visit the place.

I wasn't able to ask for their hours of operation, but I'll update this post once I find out. ♥

Cafe at Sunset
2nd Floor, Rublou Market Place,
Sunset Drive, Brookside Hills Subd.
Cainta, Rizal

I've been working as a Marketing Assistant for CellarStone's VP of Marketing for approximately seven months now. Prior to that, I was a freelancer accepting editing and writing gigs here and there.

Today, I woke up feeling grateful for so many things - one of them my current job - so I thought I'd write about it. It'd be nice to have something to look back to every once in a while so that I'll always be reminded that I have so many things to be thankful for.

I love learning new things. I feel it gives my brain the exercise it craves. So I'm thankful for all the new stuff (work tools) I've learned to navigate so far.

My Top 5 Favorite Online Tools (as a Marketing Assistant)

1. Wordpress. For the past decade or so, I've only blogged through Blogger and I was afraid of Wordpress. Fear of the unknown, I guess? Hehe! But I steadily learned how to use Wordpress, and though I can't claim to be an expert, I'm happy how I was able to give our corporate blog a simple makeover. Here's the URL if you feel like checking it out:

2. Pixlr. I don't know how to edit photos using Photoshop. The only thing I've been using on all my blog photos is Photoscape. I just use it to adjust the brightness, sharpness, and depth. Oh, and to add my watermark / logo. But when I had to edit company images / logos so that they had transparent backgrounds, I found out Pixlr's pretty easy to use - with the help of Youtube tutorials, of course. Hehe!

3. Hootsuite. Hootsuite is really helpful for marketers and marketing assistants alike - even more so for social media managers. I help manage our company's social media accounts and Hootsuite helps make scheduling posts a breeze. I know a lot of bloggers love Hootsuite too. I have a personal one, but I rarely get to use it anymore because I'm too lazy to sign out of our corporate Hootsuite account. Haha!

4. Act-On. Act-On can also be used to schedule posts, but I mostly use it to schedule posts on LinkedIn groups. It's also great for creating newsletters, landing pages, etc. It can even be used for website analytics!

5. Joomla. I never thought I'd learn to use something like Joomla. It's slightly similar to Wordpress in the sense that it's a platform for creating websites, but it's slightly more complicated than Wordpress. I'm still no expert, but it's not so bad. Check out the website I helped put together: It's still mostly a work in progress, but yeah. :)


So there's my top 5. I hope I didn't geek out too much on you. But yep, those are some of the stuff I face during my work days. It's a huge deviation from the stuff I used to "play" with when I was still in the BPO industry, but like I said earlier, learning new stuff's fun.

Do I have any readers who are social media managers or marketers? Please feel free to share your favorite tools in the comments section below. I'd love to learn about them too! :)

I read somewhere that adult coloring books are supposed to help people like me de-stress. Yup, this post goes out to the workaholics, the forever haggard gals like me who are perpetually in search of the ever elusive de-stressing unicorn.

I've had my coloring books for a while. However, I'm not sure if it's working. I don't think I've been at it enough to see any difference. Haha!

Here are a few things I'm sure of though:

1. You Need to Make Time for It. Okay. Duh! Its de-stressing properties won't work if you're too busy to even work on the coloring book. Yeah, reminder to self: Must make time to actually color. LOL!

This is how far I've gotten so far. (But I'm kidding, of course. Hehe!)

2. You'll Need a Lot of Patience. Not all the drawings are easy. Some of them can be quite complicated and if you're impatient like me (just sometimes), you're going to end up skipping a lot of pages. Haha! Hmmm. Maybe I should get me some kiddie coloring books too, for when my patience is non-existent.

3. You're Going to Want to Buy More Coloring Tools. I initially just got the following when I bought my first coloring book:

I still haven't gotten around to using the crayons. The crayons are just no match for some of the teeny-tiny things that need to be filled in. Colored pencils are probably best, but I found they're not as pigmented as I want them to be. Or maybe the ones I got aren't of good quality? I'm not sure. I just got some new coloring pens and more colored pencils, so I'll find out eventually.

And going back to my point, yes, you'll want more coloring tools. Haha! If not, good for you.

4. Don't Forget the Pencil Sharpener. If you're going to get colored pencils for your coloring books, do not forget to pick up a sharpener.

5. They're Not That Hard to Find. For someone like me who practically never leaves the house unless I absolutely have to, finding adult coloring books was initially a challenge. Haha! But when my family and I had dinner at Eastwood about a month ago, I found a whole table of adult coloring books at Fully Booked in Eastwood Mall.

A few months back, these babies weren't widely available online either. But now, more and more Instagram sellers are starting to offer them. I prefer "online shops" that accept Paypal payments though, so I was thrilled when stocked up on the Secret Garden adult coloring book. They're sold out at Grey Area right now, but you can ask them to notify you once it's available again.

I know Spotify has been around for quite some time, but ever since we moved, I've been having to work in complete silence - and it started driving me crazy.

As most of you already know, I started freelancing in mid-2014. And in February of this year, I found a stable work from home job as a Marketing Assistant at CellarStone, thanks to a friend.

The Memet and I used to live with his parents, so I'm used to having and hearing other warm bodies at home no matter the hour. But since we moved, it was always just me... and our dog Yuki at home whenever The Memet's out at work.

Inside and around our new (and empty house), the common sounds during the day for the first few weeks were the following:

1. Birds chirping
2. Neighbors' dogs barking
3. The electric fan
4. The pitter patter of rain and the occasional thunder
5. Leaves rustling when the wind picks up
5. Yuki's paws clattering on the floor when she's running around
6. My keyboard
7. My often too loud thoughts


Out of the blue, I remembered that there was this thing called Spotify. Haha! I downloaded it on my tab and it's probably one of the best things I've done for myself recently.


Spotify has a lot of playlists you can choose from. And one of the things I love best about it is that it has a playlist for just about every situation or mood you can think of! Haha!

This one here below's one of my favorite playlists for when I'm preparing breakfast in the morning:

Right now, I'm listening to their I Love You Sabado playlist, so I don't feel so sad even when I'm alone and working on a Saturday.

So, what about you? How long have you been using Spotify, and what are your favorite playlists? ♥
In my last blog post, I told a brief story of my most recent Tagaytay trip with friends. As promised, here's a quick review of the Bag of Beans branch that we visited two weeks ago.

Bag of Beans

The Bag of Beans branch that we visited seems like a new one, because if my memory serves me right, it's located across from where the old Mano's Greek Taverna used to be.

Bag of Beans Bed &Breakfast (Athena)

We got there close to 8am and as soon as we drove down the steep ramp, we wondered if the place was open for breakfast or not - there were no other cars parked and the place looked empty. But the security guard guided us to a parking space and confirmed that they were already open. Our tummies heaved a sigh of relief.

Upon parking, we unplugged our phones from the car (you'll be surprised how many phones can be charged in a car all at the same time), grabbed our bags, and claimed a table fit for our group.

Once we were settled in, we placed our orders and gabbed away while our breakfast was being cooked.

We had light jackets with us, because we were expecting some semblance of a cold breeze because hello, Tagaytay! But it was actually pretty hot that day. Thank goodness for the trees and plants - they made dining al fresco all the more pleasant.

Here's what my friends and I ordered:

Bag of Beans
Fresh Watermelon Juice - P130

Bag of Beans
Cafe Mocha - P120

Bag of Beans
BoB Cheeseburger - P320

Bag of Beans
Chocolate Chips Pancake - P195

Bag of Beans
Golden Smoked Tinapa - P260

Bag of Beans
Bacon Omelette - P320
Everything was "okay". The servings were generous and the plating were picture worthy. Well except maybe for my bacon omelette. I just couldn't find a good angle! Or maybe it's just me. Hahaha!

The taste was okay (average at best) and the price was a bit expensive. I guess what we really paid for was the ambiance. It would've been better if they had stellar customer service. Sometimes great customer service + great ambiance can ensure your customers leave happy even if the food's average.

The customer service wasn't all that terrible. My only gripe is that our waitress hardly smiled even though we were a jolly bunch. We didn't get a lot of good mornings from the other staff as well. Would've been great if our smiles were returned.

I'd probably still go back to Bag of Beans, but next time, I'm trying other branches to see if their customer service is better. Hehe!

Click to add a blog post for Bag of Beans on Zomato