In this day and age, the blogging world seems to be chock-full of issues, politics, and drama. Sometimes, I can't help but compare it to the mind-numbing world of celebrities. Blogging nowadays seems to be a popularity contest - most likely brought about by the need to get more views, shares, etc. to satisfy brands who are constantly on the lookout for blogger endorsers.

Gone are the days when a blog was more like an online journal for most people.

For someone like me who's been blogging since Live Journal and Xanga - geez, early 2000's - and didn't fully transition to the concept of commercial blogging (full-time blogging or professional blogging), this modern world of blogging has sort of left me bewildered.

How many times did I just mention the word "blogging" in the paragraphs above? LOL.

The thing is, I'm not popular. I'm probably only popular among the people I know. But then again, aren't we all, in one way or another?

I'm not pretty, so I never could ride the fashion or beauty blogger bandwagon. I'm photogenic, but only sometimes. My photos are mostly awkward or wacky. I'm short, slightly fair (not "artista" white), and I'm not skinny. I rarely take selfies (My IG feed is proof: @MemetDiaries), because I hardly ever know what to do with my face. I don't have perfect, flawless skin. I have imperfections and insecurities, but don't get me wrong. I'm (somewhat) comfortable in my own skin. Comfortable enough to admit to myself that I'll never be a fashion or beauty blogger. Haha!

Over the past couple of years, I've somewhat transitioned to posting more about travel and food. I can't fully claim I'm a travel and food blogger though, because I don't travel as much as a legit travel blogger does. Hello, limited funds. I don't eat out a lot either. Hello, diet - and yeah, limited funds. Haha!

I have decent writing skills. My grammar's okay. But no, I don't think I can make the cut as an enthralling story-teller. (Makes me wonder how many of you are still reading up to this point. LOL!)

Okay, I got distracted by the tree outside my window... What was I getting at?


I guess to cut the long story short, I never did take off, or there was never a lift-off for me as a blogger. At least I don't feel like I ever did. Unlike other blogs, mine only gets an average of 250 views per day. Yes, I'm putting the figure out there even though marketers would probably frown on the measly 250 views that I get. (Note: 250 is an average. So yes, sometimes it's way lower than that).

So. Memet Diaries, why do you still blog?

I thought that question through while I was playing Candy Crush earlier (yes, I still play Candy Crush), and here, folks, are my 2 reasons:

Reason # 1. My blog is my little corner in cyberspace. Yes, times have changed, but I refuse to give up this little corner that I call mine. My blog posts are a reflection of myself. I like knowing that I can always go back and read what I wrote years and years before, and that I can always laugh at myself for being silly over what seemed like a big deal to me before, but was actually nothing but nonsense. (Double negative? Haha!)

Reason # 2. So I'm not popular. I don't get thousands or hundreds of thousands of views per day. But 250 views? That sounds significant enough to little ol' me. Sure, I don't get frequent comments from anyone, but it's enough to know that somehow, people are reading what I post. Yeah, sometimes I post insignificant things or random thoughts like this one, but I like to think that some of my posts were able to serve as inspiration to some people, or that some of them were useful one way or another.

I could only think of two reasons, but to me, that's enough to justify to myself that I shouldn't pull the plug on my blog - yes, the thought has crossed my mind.

So I just rambled on about why I still blog. What about you, dear reader? Why do you still come here and read what I write? While we're at it, what kind of posts would you like me to write about more?

Seriously looking forward to hearing from people. Folks, seriously. Help me out here. :p
November 6, 2015, Angono, Rizal: The Krispy Kreme doughnut frenzy swept over Manila and Rizal with the opening of Krispy Kreme's newest stores in SM Makati and SM Center Angono. Being a proud RizaleƱo, I was there to witness Krispy Kreme's grand opening in SM Center Angono.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

As soon as the doors were opened to the public, delighted Krispy Kreme fans queued up at Krispy Kreme's SM Makati and SM Angono stores on their grand opening day to purchase dozens of Krispy Kreme's mouthwatering Joy in a Box. As a sweet surprise, customers received half a dozen of yummy Original Glazed doughnuts (my personal favourite!) - all for free!

Krispy Kreme

"Krispy Kreme is pushing the boundaries of delighting Filipinos with every Joy in a Box that comes out of our stores. It's an experience that begins with love for Krispy Kreme's yummy treats and the passion to share this joyful experience with our friends," said Ariane Valinton, Marketing Manager for Krispy Kreme Philippines.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme

Did you know that you can also enjoy Krispy Kreme's wide range of fresh and premium doughnuts, savory treats and beverages with your friends and loved ones by ordering through the Krispy Kreme mobile app? More on that in my next blog post.

In the mean time, you can learn more about the latest delectable treats from Krispy Kreme by visiting Get in the loop and check out Krispy Kreme on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: (KrispyKremePH). Share and experience your own #JoyInABox with Krispy Kreme!

Thanks again for having us, Krispy Kreme! We had a blast!

Krispy Kreme
Upper Ground Floor, SM Center Angono
Instagram: @KrispyKremePH
Our home is nowhere near being filled, but through my short journey to date, I have enjoyed shopping for essentials both online and in different malls.

Sometimes I stop and wonder how I could be spending nearly half my meager salary each month on stuff for the house, and yet, our home still looks empty. Haha! But then I realized that it's because most of what we've gotten for our home so far are thoughtfully and lovingly picked. We go for functionality as well as quality, so we're in no rush to just buy whatever's available.

One of the major players in helping me furnish our home (slowly) is Domesticity.


Domesticity was founded by Mariel San Agustin. She used to work for a furniture store in Manila, but since her love for the industry had grown so much, she decided to train the people from her family's farm in Negros Occidental. And Domesticity was born.

Over the months, I have grown to love what Domesticity has to offer and here, I'll enumerate some of the reasons why.

Three Reasons to Love Domesticity

1. It is all things Filipino. I love that it's made locally and by Filipinos. It gives our fellow countrymen job opportunities and a chance for growth. Domesticity also uses materials that are indigenous to the Philippines.


2. Each product is made with love. As proof of this, all things Domesticity are painstakingly made with only the best quality in mind. A lot of their designs are unique and can easily lend an air of class and effortless style to any space.

3. Domesticity gives back. All of their workers are beneficiaries of the Gawad Kalinga Village in Negros Occidental. Domesticity products are not cheap, but when you buy a beautiful piece, part of the proceeds are actually used to help build houses for families in the community. Believe it or not, through Domesticity's partnership with Gawad Kalinga, they were able to build a clinic, a reception area, and fund several activities for the GK San Agustin Legacy Village.

Now if that's not a business with a conscience, I don't know what is.

Domesticity products are available online (website link below) and through their retail partners:

  • National Bookstore (Quezon Ave., Trinoma, MegaMall, and Shangri-La Edsa Mall)
  • Crossings Department Store (Quezon Ave.)
  • Make Room (Bonifacio High Street and Eastwood Mall)
  • Bungalow 300 (No. 7 Buencamino St., Alabang, Muntinlupa. Open MWF, 11am-5pm)
  • Tesoro's Branches (Arnaiz Ave., Makati; Ermita Store, Mabini St.; Terminal 1&3 NAIA; Golden Bamboo, D'Mall, Boracay)
  • The Negros Showroom (9 corner Lacson St. Bacolod City; Central City Walk, Robinson's Place)
  • GKnomics {Gawad Kalinga} Showroom in Taguig are for corporate giveaway display only

Instagram & Twitter: @MyDomesticityPH

That title sounds a bit odd, doesn't it. Haha! But yes, Breakfast at Antonio's serves all-day breakfast, so you can have breakfast for lunch or dinner. I personally love breakfast food, so I was thrilled when I finally got to try Breakfast at Antonio's.

I can't believe it's already been two months since my friends and I went to Tagaytay (see blog post HERE). It's been a hectic few months for me (Wait, when has my life ever been completely chill anyway?), so I have a lot of pending posts.

Let's get started with this one, shall we?

Breakfast at Antonio's | Tagaytay | Review

It was was a work day when we went to Breakfast at Antonio's in Tagaytay - a Monday, no less. There was no traffic and the establishments were all wonderfully roomy. After having breakfast at Bag of Beans and hanging out at Sky Ranch, we merrily drove along E. Aguinaldo Highway (Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway). Since it was a Monday, parking at Breakfast at Antonio's was a breeze.

As soon as we stepped in, we were asked to have a seat as our table was being prepared. We were a bit tired (we all got up really early), so we pretty much just did as we were told. While we sat, we stared at all the yummy baked goods that was available alongside their reception area.

Breakfast at Antonio's

I'd like to say that we wasted no time in ordering our lunch fare when we were finally seated, but it wasn't what happened. We carefully pored over their menu and we just couldn't decide, so we called on one of the waiters to assist us and he happily complied.

We ended up ordering the following:

Breakfast at Antonio's

Breakfast at Antonio's

Breakfast at Antonio's

Breakfast at Antonio's

Breakfast at Antonio's

Here's what I noticed. Compared to the restaurant where we had breakfast that morning, the food at Breakfast at Antonio's was a notch or two better. Or maybe 5 notches better. Their bacon was really crispy and just drool-worthy!

The service? Stellar. The waiters were always visible. Sometimes they chatted amongst themselves, but they never failed to look available to assist. Whenever we called on one of them - be it for another glass of cold water, or hot water, or whatever, they always came over and assisted us with a smile. They gave me the impression that they'd do just about whatever they can to provide excellent customer service - and that's something that I appreciate a lot in establishments.

Their food's price range isn't what normal people like me would call wallet-friendly. It's quite expensive, really, but I think it's justified because of the service and the quality of the food.

Breakfast at Antonio's

Overall, I'd say Breakfast at Antonio's is definitely worth a visit. God knows I'll be back - I have yet to bring The Memet there, and I just love visiting Tagaytay on days that aren't holidays. Traffic's horrible during holidays in Tagaytay.

You can check out their menu and the prices on their website:

Breakfast at Antonio's is open daily from 7:00am to 9:00pm. Dress code is casual.

Breakfast at Antonio's
E. Aguinaldo Highway
Brgy. Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay City
10.10.2015, Saturday. The Memet dropped me off at SM Masinag so I could check out the grand opening of one of the newest spas in the mall.

Ladybelle Nail & Body Spa

The week before Ladybelle's grand opening, I was actually neck deep in work - assessing calls, creating a training module from scratch - and so my stress level was steadily climbing. I was in terrible need of some me time and I badly wanted a pedicure and a massage. So imagine my surprise when I received an invite to attend Ladybelle Nail & Body Spa's grand opening. The timing couldn't have been more impeccable!

On the day of the event, we were given a quick tour of the place by Ms. Marigold, Ladybelle Masinag's branch manager. They had a special room for just about every type of treatment.

I asked. No, it doesn't explode. LOL!

After the quick tour, we were then asked to choose a room for our free treatments. Yey! I chose the "torture chamber". 

Yup. Waxing, to me, is like torture. Haha! Well, not if done on the legs and armpits. Those I can take. But bikini / Brazilian wax? Major ouchy. Haha!

So yes, I chose the torture chamber, but I wasn't tortured - thank God. We were all treated to a facial and some ear candling.

The Facial

Classic Facial - P250

Ladybelle's Classic Facial is more like a massage for the face using different kinds of creams. Goodbye, makeup! Well, it was just BB cream, face powder, some blush, and brows, so it was fine (Oh, but the brows though... Haha!) 

Absolutely no pain was involved. If you're not into pricking or all that painful facial stuff, and just looking to relax, the Classic Facial is a must try. It's also quite affordable at only P250.

Note: I love the sunblock they applied on my face after the facial. With my face powder gone, I was worried my face would be an oil slick for the rest of the day. Much to my surprise, my face remained grease-free even after The Memet and I watched a movie that afternoon. I still had to blot with an oil control film once or twice, but that was it. Must remember to ask them what kind of sunblock they used on my face. Haha!

The Ear Candling

Ear Candling - P250

It's not my first time being "candled" (doesn't sound quite right, lol) so I was looking forward to the experience.

To those who have never done it, don't be afraid of it. Ear candling is actually quite relaxing. Like the Classic Facial, there was absolutely no pain involved. I can't imagine how ear candling can inflict pain on anyone. Hehe!

They simply put a lit candle in your ear. The base of it (the one that's in your ear) is sort of like a filter, and that's where all the excess ear wax gets sucked into. The entire procedure lasts around 15-20 minutes. Once you're done, they'll show you all the wax that got sucked up. It's kinda gross, but you'll be amazed. Hehe!

Interested in visiting Ladybelle in SM Masinag? Here's the list of their services along with the prices:

IPL (Laser Hair Removal) - P20 / shot
Warts Removal - P500 / area
Detox Foot Spa - P300
Body Massage / Ventosa - P400
Eyelash Extension - P500

Facial Services - P250 - P750
Waxing Services - P120 - P2500
Bleaching Services - P350 - P800
Nail Bar - P120 - P200
Spa Services - P250 - P500

As you can see, it's all pretty affordable. The thing that I'm most interested in is their IPL. I mean, P20 per shot? Who wouldn't be interested! I might go back to have that done on my legs. My underarms are already hair free, thanks to IPL. Hehe!

To cap off this post, I would like to thank the wonderful people over at Ladybelle who pampered (and fed) me when I needed it the most. Hehe! Thank you so much for having us and for the free treatments! Definitely looking forward to going back soon. :)

The owner, Ms. Milady Caceres with her very supportive husband.

2 of the staff with Ms. Marigold Arguelles, branch manager, and Ms. Milady Caceres, owner

Ladybelle Nail & Body Spa
2nd Floor, Beside T&J Salon
SM Masinag, Antipolo City
Phone #: 503-4990
E-Mail Address:

Minced Manila

It was after church on one unassuming Sunday morning that The Memet and I found ourselves on our way to Antipolo, looking for a new breakfast haunt.

I happened to look at the commercial building across from Unciano Medical Center, and although most of the restaurants were still closed (it was 8:30 in the morning), I spotted one that looked like it was open. The Memet immediately drove into their parking area and upon closer inspection, we saw that it was indeed open. So we parked our car and up we went.

Minced Manila

When we got to the second floor, we noticed that there were no diners at Minced Manila yet. I love those instances because I get to take pictures without having to worry about the other diners giving me weird looks. Haha!

Minced Manila has already been open for a few months, but everything inside the place still looked brand spanking new. I love how the tables were set up. Lots of IG opportunities!

Minced Manila

Not long after we were seated, a waitress approached us and gave us two menus. One was their regular menu and the other was their breakfast menu.

I took a picture of both the menus, but the regular has too many menu items (lots of food options!), so posting it here would be useless. You won't be able to read all the tiny texts. Haha! Here's a photo of their breakfast menu though:

Minced Manila

I ordered Longganisa Lucban while The Memet ordered Arroz ala Cubana.

Minced Manila
Longganisa Lucban - P200
The Longganisa Lucban was well-received by my taste buds. It was tasty. Everything on my plate was tasty! There were three small longganisa patties, but because it was so flavorful, even just two small patties would've sufficed. I'm not complaining though. Haha!

I'd also like to add that I don't usually like atsara (definition HERE), but the one that was on my plate was absolutely divine.  To say that I loved my meal would probably be an understatement. My plate was CLEAN.

Minced Manila
Arroz ala Cubana - P195
The Memet, on the other hand, didn't clean out his plate. He's on diet, you see. LOL! I asked him how his Arroz ala Cubana was, and he said it was too sweet. I tasted it (3x. Haha!), and my taste buds liked it. It wasn't too sweet. To me, it was just right. The Memet's just not used to his viand being even remotely sweet.

Our meals each came with a cup of brewed coffee.

Minced Manila

Minced Manila

Aside from the two breakfast meals that we ordered, The Memet also a bowl of Chicken Binakol from their regular menu. He wanted some soup (note the word "some), but what we got was a huge bowl of Chicken Binakol. Haha!

The photo below is quite deceiving, actually. It's bigger than it looks.

Minced Manila
Chicken Binakol - P290
It was the first time I had Chicken Binakol, so the first spoonful was quite an experience for me. After the first sip, I actually had to close my eyes.  It was really good. We couldn't finish the entire bowl though, so we had half of it to go.

Minced Manila

If you have an account with Zomato, you can review Minced Manila right then and there. When you're done with your review, just show it to your waiter and they'll give you a Maja Blanca Panna Cotta!

My app was acting weird that morning, but I didn't give up. I had to re-type my review 3x! Haha! It was well worth it though, because the free panna cotta was yummy!

Minced Manila

Overall, I'd say Minced Manila is a gem that Antipolo City should be proud of. They serve absolutely delish modern Filipino food. Their waiters and waitresses were very warm and attentive, and the place is a breath of fresh air - figuratively speaking.

If you find yourself in Antipolo, Minced Manila is definitely worth a visit.

Minced Manila

Minced Manila
EM Gems Bldg., L. Sumulong
Circumferential Rd., Antipolo City
IG: @MincedMNL

Minced Manila Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
After a successful Day 1, Dems and I made our way back to the SMX Convention Center to witness Day 2. (We didn't have to travel far because we stayed the night at a nearby Microtel. Will blog about that soon.)

We slept in and loaded up on breakfast, so we arrived at the venue just as the opening talks at the plenary hall were wrapping up. That was a bit disappointing, but I was glad we chose to join the e-commerce track for the day because the talks were rather exciting!

Here are the topics that we got to attend plus the speakers' details:

  • Blended Transactions: Cash on Delivery - Jiten Lalwani, Co-Founder, Four Eyes
  • Scaling Up Your E-Commerce Business - Subir Lohani, Managing Director, Carmudi Philippines
  • Building a Sustainable Mobile Business in the Philippines - Arthur Policarpio, CEO, Mobext Philippines & Margot Torres, VP Marketing, McDonalds Philippines

Since Day 1, I loved how passionate the speakers were about the topics that they talked about. For someone with no solid background on e-commerce, I was easily able to relate. There was no room for boredom during the talks and I'm sure the attendees got quite a bang for their bucks.

Jiten Lalwani, Co-Founder, Four Eyes

Subir Lohani, Managing Director, Carmudi Philippines

Arthur Policarpio, CEO, Mobext Philippines

Margot Torres, VP Marketing, McDonalds Philippines

Just like the VIPs from Day 1, the speakers that we encountered during Day 2 were all very approachable. Here's another piece of proof:

Me, Ms. Margot Torres of McDonalds Philippines, and Dems

I'm a McDo girl so I was beyond thrilled when Ms. Torres agreed to pose with me and Dems. She was game! Haha! Our McDo photo is easily one of my favorites from the entire event - well, next to my photo with Zalora's CEO, Mr. Paulo Campos. Hahaha!

After the 3 talks, Dems and I wandered out on the floor and sat in on some of the on-floor seminars. The on-floor seminars are free for everyone, so it was no wonder that it was well-attended.

I was pretty amazed at how mobile devices went up every time the speakers changed the slides. Well, taking photos of the slides is definitely easier than writing everything down - I do it too! LOL!

I would say that wraps up my recap of one of the biggest Cards & Payments and E-Commerce Conventions in the Philippines for the year. I'm thinking about compiling all the quotable quotes from the speakers into one blog post, but I haven't fully decided on it yet. What do you think? If no one leaves a comment, then it's a no-go. :p

Earlier this month, my blogger friends and I attended one of the biggest e-commerce events that was brought into the country by a foreign organizer.

Cards & Payments Philippines and E-Commerce Show Philippinesby Terrapinn

It was 5:15 in the morning when Dems I met up at McDonald's in Marcos Highway last September 2nd. With wet hair and sleepy eyes, we grabbed some breakfast and got an Uber ride to SMX Convention Center.

Despite the horrible traffic, we at the SMX Convention Center with plenty of time to spare before our scheduled registration hour, and so we were able to get our photos taken at the big signboard outside without worries of being stared at by passersby.

After registration, we made our way to the plenary hall and grabbed front row seats.

Quite honestly, I never thought I'd enjoy a conference that talked about e-commerce and cards & payments, but I did!

Here's Ms. Sharon Roessen, Terrapinn's Managing Director for Asia, welcoming everyone to the event.

Ms. Roessen talked about how happy they were that they got such a big turnout for this event despite it being the first one they've ever organized in the Philippines. After Day 2, I couldn't help but be excited for the next conventions, because I'm more than sure they'll be more jam packed than the first one.

Day 1's Opening Plenary was packed with heavy-hitters like, oh, the CEOs of Lazada Philippines and Zalora Philippines. (The shopaholic in me was squealing with joy! Haha!) Here are some photos of the speakers at the opening plenary:

Ms. Maria Crispina Reodica, Chief Trade Industry Specialist, DTI
Ms. Janette Toral, Founder,
Mr. Inanc Balci, CEO, Lazada Philippines

Mr. Jose Benjamin Fernandez, COO, PayMaya

Mr. Paulo Campos, Co-Founder & CEO, Zalora Philippines
It was a VIP studded event, but I was stunned at how everyone mingled in between talks. I felt out of my league (um, lowly blogger and marketing assistant here), but even the CEOs were approachable! Want proof? Here you go:

I was so giddy when I saw Mr. Paulo Campos outside the function room that I didn't even bother checking my hair and my oiliness level before I approached him. I was even giddier (if that's even a word) that he agreed to a quick photo. I love shopping at Zalora, and I made sure to tell him that.

Did I mention that my dress and shoes were from Zalora? Yeah, I told him that too. LOL!

After the adrenaline high, we spent the rest of the day visiting all the booths and checking out what they had to offer.

My blogger friends on the other hand, took the opportunity to interview some of the exhibitors and sponsors.

That caps Day 1 of the convention. It sure was a fruitful one for everyone. I've been thinking of putting up an e-commerce site for quite some time and the talks from the plenary surely opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Interested in reading some of the quotes from the event? Head on over to Twitter and search for these two hashtags: #EcommercePhil and #CardsPhil. You'll learn lots just by reading the attendees' tweets.

Do watch out for my recap of Day 2 in the next few days. ♥

UPDATE! Read about Day 2 here: