Ever since this year started, The Memet and I have been extremely busy. Along with all the "busy-ness", we've also had to tighten our belts because of all the expenses that came along with our house's construction. Actually, it's still not finished. The house is primarily the reason why we're so busy. We. Need. To. Pay. For. Our. Loans. Hahaha!

It's quite stressful, but we're sure it'll be more than rewarding when we've finally moved and when we're finally debt free. The move will, of course, come first. It's a long and winding road to being debt free (construction loan, I love and hate you), but we'll get there.

Somewhere down the road this year, we remembered that we were also trying to conceive. And stress is a big no-no for TTC couples. So, in an effort to reduce our stress, I booked an overnight stay at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel for us via Agoda.com.

I chose Eastwood Richmonde Hotel because it's practically a stone's throw away from Cainta. Road trips are fun, but when you're stressed and just looking to chill out, the closer the hotel, the better. Hehe!

I got a Superior Room (with Breakfast), and let me tell you, the photos included in Agoda's room listings for Eastwood Richmonde Hotel didn't quite do justice to the place.

The room was bigger than I expected. Haha! It had a living room, a work desk, a separate bedroom, and of course, a bathroom.

There were two TVs. One in the living room, and one in the bedroom. If you want to watch TV while in the bathtub, all you need to do is raise the blinds right next to the tub and you get a full view of the bedroom with the TV. But then the folks in the bedroom will have a full view of you in the bathtub too. Hehehe!

The bathroom was pretty spacious. We found the standard set of toiletries in there, along with a hair dryer, a weighing scale, some towels, and an extra roll of tissue. 

There was no bidet though. (Big pout)

Room Service

The Memet and I were too lazy to get dressed that evening (we enjoyed the lazy feel of lounging around in bath robes all day), so we just had dinner delivered to our room.

Sorry, we dove in as soon as it arrived. I remembered too late that I had to take a photo first. Hehe! *Peace*

Everything we ordered was yummy. The nachos and the tiramisu, I particularly loved. The nachos were still crispy even after an hour, and the tiramisu was heaven on a plate. The two main dishes that we ordered (plus the nachos) had huge servings so we struggled to finish everything. Haha!

Breakfast Buffet

Their breakfast buffet had a modest selection of food perfect for, well... breakfast. There were pancakes, all sorts of bread that I can't even begin to name, some rice, corned beef, and my favorite... BACON! Their bacon was really crunchy and yummy.

Overall, I'd say our vacation in Eastwood Richmonde Hotel was money well spent. Would I go back? Definitely.

After checking out, we chucked our overnight bag in the car and went for a stroll in Eastwood Mall then watched San Andreas in Shangri-La Mall. Before going home, we dropped by our favorite spa in Antipolo for a massage. Haha!

But going back to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, their details are below if you'd like to book your stay with them too. :)

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel
17 Orchard Rd., Eastwood City
Bagumbayan, QC 1110 PH
E-Mail: erh@richmondehotel.com.ph
Contact No.: (632) 352.7281
Hello there! As promised, I used Human + Kind's Skin Lightening Cream every day since I last published a blog post, and I'm now ready to write a review. Question is, are you ready? This post is going to be full of pictures of me, so... yeah. You better be ready. Haha!

I still cannot get over how pretty the packaging is. It has almost all of my favorite colors. Hehe!

On the packaging, it says Human + Kind is all about "skincare with a conscience" (I'm all about that!).

Human + Kind's all natural all-in-one skin lightening cream is a daily moisturizer that provides an instant lightening effect and it protects the skin from harmful effects of UV rays and prevents skin dryness. This all-natural cream ensures smooth, evenly luminous and perfect skin. The unique extract of seven Swiss Alpine plants has given proven results. You can use it, comfortably and safely, twice a day and long term. Suitable for all skin types and tones.

Now, on to the product review.

This skin lightening cream by Human + Kind has a texture similar to that of a sunblock. It's creamy, but if you want to successfully apply it without ending up with streaks all over your face, you're better off applying it little by little because it tends to dry quickly into a powdery finish. So yes, unlike sunblock, this one's not sticky at all. The scent is mild and pleasant and left me smiling after application. Hehe!

Here's a bare-faced photo of me with nothing but Human + Kind's skin lightening cream on.

If you look real closely, you can see my pores. Haha! Sorry, I don't know how to use Photoshop. The cream didn't promise to erase my pores - it's a skin lightening cream after all - but it did a wonderful job in giving me a nice glow. Remember, no makeup at all in this photo. It also helped to lightly blur out my pimple marks, so plus points there for Human + Kind.

Here's another picture that shows the side of my face that's currently full of pimple marks.

See? The pimple marks are nicely blurred out. And I haven't even put on foundation yet! ♥

Earlier today, I decided to get myself a little dolled up just for this blog post - even if I have nowhere to go. Hahaha!

On top of Human + Kind's skin lightening cream, I lightly tapped on some powder foundation, I used brow powder on my brows, and put on a little lipstick. And voila! The finished product: a... presentable face. Pardon the pout. Haha! 

The Verdict

So. Would I buy Human + Kind's skin lightening cream in the future? I would say that's a definite yes. Even though it was a bit difficult to spread evenly at first, I quickly learned that a little at a time makes for an even application.

It didn't break me out, and it gives me a nice glow even without the help of a lot of makeup. Plus, it protects from UV rays, AND it's all natural. Skincare with a conscience! It's a win-win all around!

Human + Kind isn't available in the Philippines yet, but you can easily order through www.superberry.me. They're based in Singapore, so if you have friends or family who live there, you can also ask them to buy from Superberry for you. hehe!

Feel free to check out Superberry's website. They have a lot of natural products and they ship worldwide. Superberry also has a Facebook page and an Instagram account, so feel free to check those out below. ♥


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Superberry, one of Singapore's leading beauty stores, got in touch with me last week and wanted to send me some of their products to try and review. Who am I to say no? ♥

I got a package from them in just a matter of days - yeah, I'm surprised at how quickly it arrived. Hehe! There were two products in the package.

1. Human + Kind Skin Lightening Cream

It's a skin lightening facial moisturizer that has UV filters to help protect from the sun's harmful rays. I did a skin patch test last night to test for allergic reactions, and thankfully my skin didn't react negatively. It's hypoallergenic, but I wanted to be sure. Hehe!

Don't you just love the packaging? It's so cute!

I can't wait to test it and see whether my skin loves it or not. I'll post an update after a week.

2. Tolpa: Dermo Body Cellulite Serum

Yeah, I have cellulite. Haha! I've never really given it much thought, but I'm glad I got this serum to road test. I hope it works. My thighs could use some pampering. :)

It's hypoallergenic, so it's safe for sensitive skin like mine - yey! I already tried it last night, but the box says I should apply it over a period of 4-6 weeks, so I'll be back with an update in 3 weeks. 

While waiting for my updates, you might want to check out Superberry's website - details below. They do international shipping, and I'm sure you'll get your orders quickly. I got mine in less than a week. ♥

UPDATE: My review of Human + Kind's Skin Lightening Cream is now available. Click HERE to read it.

FB: www.facebook.com/superberry.me
IG: @superberry.me

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Well, that title was quite a mouthful. Try saying 'Accessorize with The Accessorist' quickly, 5x. Haha!

I'm the kind of girl who likes to stick with basic prints and cuts. It makes my life easy. But there are days when I get tired of my usual look, and that's when I turn to accessories to add some life to my outfits. I'm actually an accessories hoarder. I have around 5 tin cans / boxes all filled with bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair thingies, etc. I have so many accessories that I don't know what they all look like anymore. Seriously. Haha!

But accessories are great. They give old outfits new life.

That said, I found this new online shop that sells beautiful accessories. Turns out, the "curator" is a blogger friend of mine: Balot of www.iamcorporatejunkie.com.

Her shop has got a pretty nifty name: The Accessorist. Nice, huh?

The first thing I had to get my hand on was a bracelet. The reason? It's the only thing I remember to put on aside from my watch and wedding ring these days. Haha!

Here's a peek at what I got:

You'd think the bracelet's heavy, but it's not. I chose it because it's white and gold, and perfect for summer. Plus, white & gold accessories go well with just about anything.

Accessories over at The Accessorist are very affordable. Prices actually start at P180!

Here's a look at some of the other baubles that I've got my eye on:

Hope in Cream Bracelet - P180

Natasha Necklace - P280

Faye Earrings - P200

Super pretty, right?

You might want to check out their website now, because last time I checked, the bracelet that I got is already sold out. *wink*

The Accessorist

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If you're from the east and you suddenly get a craving for some delicious, lip-smacking, (and yeah, unhealthy) bagnet, look no further, because Bagnetified! is now in SM Taytay!

Owned by Makeyourich, Inc.'s Mr. KC Macapagal, Bagnetified! grew from 1 to 15 stores in less than a year and they're expecting to put up 50 more branches in 2015 alone. As if that isn't achievement enough, their goal is to have over 300 stores across the country and at least one in Asia - within the next 5 years! 

We were there at its grand opening last Saturday, May 23, 2015, and we got to sample some of their yummiest dishes. I gotta say, they're all pretty tasty, and they all made our taste buds dance! Just look at our satisfied smiles:

Caccie, Juvy, and myself
Here's a quick look at what made our tummies happy that day. 

Note: The servings are pretty big, so most of the stuff on their menu is good for 2-3 persons. :)

Cheesy Bacon Dynamite - P129
The waitress said their dynamite wasn't that hot and spicy, but I beg to disagree. Haha! I only got to eat 2 and a half because it was too hot for me. But if you love spicy food, you can take it. It probably won't even sting. Haha!

Sisig Bagnetified - P289
Their sisig is a bit on the oily side, but the taste... Just wow. It just explodes in your mouth.

Bagnetified Rice - P199
They have plain rice, but if you want to go the adventurous route, try their Bagnetified rice. It can stand on its own or with just one viand. Hehe!

Bagnet Sarap - P319
Their bagnet is pretty much true to its name. Bagnet Sarap is masarap! (delicious). For those of you who love fat on their bagnet, this won't disappoint. But I found enough meat in there to keep the non-fat-eating person in me happy. Haha!

Kare-Kare Bagnetified - P279
Even their kare-kare has bagnet! I'm not one who likes innards in her kare-kare, so I was thrilled to see this on their menu. Their kare-kare has enough veggies in it to balance out the fattening (but super yummy) bagnet. Haha!

Cucumber Juice and Bits - P59 (medium) & P69 (XL)
Because it was hot out last Saturday, I ordered the Cucumber Juice and Bits for my drink. It didn't disappoint as it was extremely refreshing!

Sampaloc Smoothie - P99
Juvy of Eats and Chow ordered the intriguing Sampaloc Smoothie and she said that it didn't taste weird at all. It tasted like a good old milk smoothie with a sweet sampaloc aftertaste. I was too much of a coward to try it ('coz I'm lactose intolerant), but I think I'll have it to go the next time I drop by Bagnetified. Haha!

Bagnetified! is located at the new building at SM Taytay's open parking. It's pretty hard to miss since it's the only restaurant that's open at the ground floor.

The place is a bit small, but very inviting. Their waiters and waitresses were all friendly, and their branch manager is super accommodating. Thanks again for having us, Sir Charlie!

Delivery Hotline: 99-SARAP (72727)

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It's been three days since Mother's Day and I guess it's now safe to come out of the shell that I've been hiding in since last week.

Now first of all, don't get me wrong. I appreciate Mother's Day. It's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the miracle that mothers are. It doesn't ever matter how old you get. A mother is always going to be a mother to you.

However, if you've been a regular reader of my blog, you'd know that The Memet and I still haven't been blessed with a baby. Yup, that's what this is all about. That little bundle of joy that we've been waiting for - for more than 6 years now.

For the first two years, that monthly thing that females go through? It was the most difficult thing for me to deal with. Every single month. It got so bad that I'd be in tears every month. What added insult to injury was all the people who were pestering me, asking me if I was pregnant yet.

"Oh, aren't you pregnant yet?"

"Hang in there dear, it'll come."

"Have you gone to a gynecologist yet?"

Plus, let's not forget all the "Try this", "Try that".

I know all those people meant well. But if you were in my shoes, all the questions, all the suggestions, no matter how carefully worded, they all sounded insulting.

After the 2nd year, it started getting easier. I learned to accept that it wasn't time yet, and I eventually gave it all up to God. But even with that acceptance, I still get this stab of pain every time I am faced with the reality that I'm not getting any younger. There are times when I swear I can actually hear my reproductive system ticking like a clock counting down the hours.

Last week was one of the worst slaps that I've ever taken. No, nobody slapped me. Well, reality did. Life did.

I turned 33 this year. The Memet is a few years older than me. Life's reality came crashing down in vivid clarity. I was suddenly doing the math, thinking if, say I was to give birth at 35 (35!!!), I'd be 55 by the time my kid turned 20 years old! That and so many other realities just swiftly tumbled into my head, one after the other, not giving me any chance to just sit back and contemplate.

There are days when I stop, breathe, and tell myself that I'm lucky I'm already married (to the love of my life, no less). There are others out there who are my age who are so busy with life that getting married (much less having kids) is nowhere on their list of priorities.

But that mindset didn't work for me last week. I withdrew and I locked myself up inside my head. When Mother's Day came around, I was as bitter as I've ever been. I remember scheduling a Mother's Day greeting on my FB Page, but I didn't greet anyone in particular. Well, I greeted my mom, my mother in law, and my sister in law. And a few friends - I think. But generally, I stayed mum.

It didn't help that The Memet was away on an out of town trip for a few days last week. His hug is one of the few things that can help draw me out of my depressed state. So God was my only solace, and for a few minutes during the last few days, I did nothing but talk to Him and weep.

Today, I'm back to my usual chipper self. Still not pregnant, but I have faith it'll come soon. I still don't know what advice to give if anyone in the same situation asks how I deal with the pain, the depression, because I know how real the pain is, and I understand how unique each journey is.

All I really do is pray and trust God. And confide in my husband. There are days (like last week) when I seem to slip from my faith and I give marriage a beady eye, but I pray nonetheless and God is quick to restore my faith.

So with that, I send out a digital HUG to all of my sisters out there who are going through something similar. My words might not have brought much hope or shed much light, but know that my heart goes out to all of you. Just keep the faith and stay strong.

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Read on for the details and the mechanics. :)

I was craving for some really yummy tapa last week and The Memet knew just where to bring me.

I've been to Mom & Tina's several times, but I always ordered pasta. I even had my 30th birthday party there. Don't even try to stop and think about how old I am right now. Hahaha!

When The Memet and I met up with some of my high school friends a year or two ago, I remember ordering their tapa breakfast meal, and I've been hooked ever since! Read on to find out why.

U.S. Beef Tapa - P295

There are five (5) main reasons why I love Mom & Tina's U.S. Beef Tapa:

1. It's not sweet. Beef tapa shouldn't be sweet. Ever.
2. It's not swimming in sauce. I've seen some beef tapa out there that looks more like heavily sauced beef steak. Not my thing.
3. It's crunchy! Like bacon! Who doesn't' love bacon?
4. It's mostly lean. I don't like chunks of fat in my tapa.
5. It comes with a side of awesome atchara.

Before we proceed, let me just define two things in case you're not that familiar with the terms "tapa" and "atchara".

"Tapa" is dried or cured beef (usually cured with salt and spices), while "atchara" is a pickle made from grated unripe papaya. (Thanks for the definitions, wikipedia!)

Aside from one beef tapa meal each, The Memet and I  also ordered the following:

Queso de Bola Spread with Bread - P250

Blue Lemonade - P60

Lychee Shake - P120

We couldn't finish the Queso de Bola spread, so we took it home instead. The Memet loved his blue lemonade, and I loved my lychee shake.

So you see, Mom & Tina's is a cafe, but it's not just about cakes and pastries. They serve some pretty wicked main course too. It's a little on the pricey side, but trust me, it's well worth it.

What about you? What's your favorite Mom & Tina's dish?

Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe
Twitter & Instagram: @MomandTinas
When The Memet and I were in Baler earlier this year, we stayed in Costa Pacifica because we wanted to treat ourselves to a posh hotel without having to pay a fortune.

While there, it was inevitable that we try out some of the food from Beach House's menu. Beach House is Costa Pacifica's in-house restaurant. Want to find out what we ate while we were there?

The first time we ate at Beach House was right after we checked in.

We were a bit early, so our room wasn't ready yet. While waiting, we decided to have lunch at their restaurant. Killing some time with good food and a great view sure was a good decision.

Here's what we had:


I'll be honest and say that I cannot, for the life of me, recall what the names of the dishes were. But again, I will be honest and say that everything that we had at Beach House was mouth-wateringly good.

I hope my photos can do them justice.

Here's what we had for dessert:

Just. Look. At. That. Beauty.

This dessert was absolutely heavenly and downright sinful. (Have I finally used an oxymoron?! LOL!)

It's served in a small bowl, but the serving size is perfect for two people.

On the afternoon of our 2nd day, we were absolutely tired after being on tourist mode the entire day. We found ourselves lounging by the pool and taking in the beautiful view. Not long after, our tummies started to growl, and since Beach House was right there, we decided to order some snacks.

This one below is a complimentary plate. Cool, huh?

After chowing down on the fish crackers and the tacos, we took a nice dip in the pool and had fun splashing around for a good hour and a half. Yep. That means we were hungry by the time we got out of the pool.

Diets be damned, we decided to order some steak for dinner and had it sent up to our room.

There's rice under there... Somewhere. Haha!

It was damned good steak, and we had a good night's rest after eating. Well, we let our dinner digest a little before we went to sleep.

All in all, I'd say that you  have to try dining at Beach House if you find yourself in Baler. I think we spent around 3K for all the food that's in this blog post, so yeah, it's a bit pricey. But what's the harm in treating yourself to a little luxury every once in a while?