The Best Sorbetes in Vigan

By Saturday, December 28, 2013 ,

Sorbetes is essentially 'ice cream' in English.  Some people here in the Philippines call it dirty ice cream because it's sold by street vendors, or what we like to call "Mamang Sorbetero" (ice cream man). Hehe!

I can't say that we tried all the sorbetes in Vigan, because in reality, we only got to buy from one vendor. We found him in the plaza, near McDonald's Vigan, just as we were leaving for Laoag.

When you visit Vigan, you gotta try their sorbetes. It was thick and creamy and unlike any of the sorbetes that we've tried in Manila or Rizal.

For a measly P10, what have you got to lose? :p

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