And I Love You So

Friday, August 14, 2009
For some reason, Net25 has been down since yesterday, so I haven't been able to watch the news either. I normally get to watch the news while preparing for work, which is from 10:30am-11:30am.

So, instead of watching the news, I switched to ABS-CBN today and watched Ruffa and Ai. Hehehe. Their guests for today were the stars of the movie And I Love You So.

I've seen the movie's trailer several times and it seems interesting. Definitely one that'll make you shed bucket of tears (or, maybe that's just me. lol.). Although it seems to be an interesting love story, I don't really wanna go out and see it because I don't wanna end up paying for a movie that'll just make me cry. Hahaha! Based on the trailer, the movie revolves around a young widow (Bea) who's faced with the dilemma of trying to move on with life without her husband.

Being that I just recently got married, I can't bear the thought of that ordeal happening to me. I love my husband very much and I would soon want to follow him if he was to pass away. I really just can't imagine how I would try to move on if I ever lost him.

Maybe I'll still buy a DVD of this movie for my mom. She loves tear jerkers. Hehehe. I, on the other hand, am content with watching cartoons, comedies, and romantic comedies. Action, even. I've seen a handful of movies that made me cry a bucket or two of tears (Armageddon, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and Titanic to name a few...), and I've decided that at this point, I can't take sad movies anymore. I appreciate them, I do... But I can't take the pain that I have to go through when I watch the movies. I get absorbed too much. Hahaha! So from now on, just happy movies for me. LOL.

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