Birthday Gift for Myself

Friday, August 21, 2009
Eto, totoo na talaga. Atleast I hope so, anyway. Hehehe. Since I can't rely on Dan to give me a gift (He's clueless when it comes to the Gift-Giving Department), I've been thinking about saving up for a birthday gift for myself. My birthday isn't until March, but hey... Might as well start saving up now, right? Hmmm... Wasn't that the same thing I said about buying a point and shoot a few months ago? LOL.

Anyway, here's my game plan. I will set aside P1,000.00 per payday starting September. By march, I'll hopefully have P14,000.00.

What can I buy with P14,000.00? Been looking around and I found that if I'm earnest enough, I can find a nice (maybe 2nd hand) mini laptop for a little over P14K. Why do I want a laptop? Well, for one, they come in pink. Hahaha! And... recently, Dan and I have found ourselves calling dibs on the PC at home. He likes to play NBA and sometimes, he stays in front of the PC for hours just playing it. So that leaves me with the TV. Since cable companies don't want to install cable in our area, there's really nothing interesting to watch on TV. Hehehe. I don't need a laptop with really high specs, so expensive ones are out of the question. I just need one that I can use to access the internet and play some games with. Hehehe. Regardless of the specs, it has to be PINK. If it's not pink, I don't want it. Hahahaha!

Aside from the mini laptop, there is ofcourse, the point and shoot that I've been dreaming about for a while now. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I can't get a new point and shoot in time for our November trip to Coron. I guess I'll just borrow my old Kodak that's now with my Dad. It still takes good pictures. I just hate the fact that it's quite bulky for a point and shoot. Hehehe. We will still bring the dSLR, and that is one bulky camera. Well, that's a given since it's an SLR. There should be plenty of photo ops in Coron. Teehee! Anyway, as I was saying, I guess it won't hurt if I use the money that I'll be able to save to buy myself a new digicam. Hehehe. A PINK one! I have been eyeing the Sony Cybershot S980 because it's affordable. Based on the reviews I've seen, it takes decent pictures too. I just hope it doesn't get phased out yet. LOL.
So there. I really, really hope that I'll be able to stick to my game plan. I want one of these gadgets for my birthday! If I can get both, then all the better. Hahaha! I wish. =p

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