Commemorating Ninoy Aquino Day

Friday, August 21, 2009
Just a few weeks ago, the Filipinos mourned the passing of former President, Cory Aquino. Many Filipinos felt that her passing was a great loss to our country because of what she stood for: Democracy. Even in her death, she was able to stir nationalism and Filipino pride in each one of us. And for that, she will forever be remembered.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Ninoy Aquino, husband of former President Cory Aquino. The two "beacons" of Philippine democracy now lie in peace next to each other, but their influence continues to live on.

I feel lucky that I work in Ayala, near Ninoy's memorial, as I will be able to witness the proceedings that will happen later this afternoon to honor what he stood for upon his passing.

As I got off the fx earlier, I saw the sidewalks lined with vendors who took the opportunity to sell Ninoy and Cory memorabilias. There were yellow t-shirts, buttons, and even umbrellas. I'm thinking of going outside later to buy an umbrella, or maybe a t-shirt. Hehe. ;-)

Before I close this blog entry and start with my day here in the office, I'd like to quote something I read from

"More than commemorating deaths, the nation must make sure the deaths are not in vain. The country has too many problems that Ninoy and Cory could only begin to address. Beyond being inspired by the examples of their lives, Filipinos must continue fighting for the values that Ninoy and Cory worked for: freedom, integrity, good governance, and a better Philippines – a nation that is a source of pride for every Filipino."

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