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Sunday, August 30, 2009
Came home uber happy last night. The Memet and I met up with Ms. Leigh Hortaleza and her hubby at Tiendesitas so that I can get my order of a hundred bars of soap. Why did I buy a hundred bars of soap? So that I'll have 2 years worth of supply. Hehehe. Kidding. I'll be reselling Cyleina Soaps too! As you might already know by now, I love organic bath products. Hehe. I'm also a frustrated environmentalist so I'm reselling organic stuff to further lessen the harmful effects of all the chemicals that're being dumped into the environment.

So, going back to my uber happy self last night. Hehe. I was already happy enough that I got a hundred bars of soap. Even though I was going to resell them anyway, just having that many bars of soap at home was enough to make this girl happy. LOL. Ang babaw. Hahaha!

Ms. Leigh was super nice, down to earth, and very generous with the freebies that she gave me. Here, I took a few shots when The Memet and I got home:

Awesome freebies! =D

Cute pink and white soap bars! Aylaveet! Hehe.

This is everything inside the little brown paperbag. Teehee! =D

This is one of the fresh bars of soap that Ms. Leigh handed over to me as soon as they arrived. She said that this version of the Oats N Honey is milder and has bigger bits of oat! It also smells better! Hehehe. Can't wait to try it!

This is the other fresh bar of soap that Ms. Leigh gave to me. It's the reformulated Shea Butter. This bar now has no whitening extracts and is safe for babies, moms, and kids! Cool! =D

I just love the freebies! Hehehe. Now, I'm off to take photos of the soaps that I'll be selling so that I can post them on my multiply shop. Yey! =D


  1. i'm interested.. how much are you selling them for? do you have black pearl? i started following you :)

  2. Hi! Yup, I have black pearl too. I have 5 in stock right now. I'm selling them for P60 each. =D


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