INC's Executive Minister Brother Eraño Manalo Passes Away at 84

Tuesday, September 01, 2009
It was a startling morning for me as I received a text message from my brother saying that Bro. Eraño G. Manalo has already passed away.

When I went downstairs, I saw Mama talking to someone on the phone. She also got a phone call from Ninang Zeny and it was about the same news.

As I was getting ready for work, I was (from habit) tuned in to Net25. Today though, I waited for the official announcement of Bro. Erdy's passing. It was the 1st thing that was mentioned when iBalita came on.

While Bro. Bien Santiago was making the announcement, I couldn't believe the sadness that took over my heart. Ka Erdy has always been, to me, the church's Executive Minister, since that's what was always taught in CWS. I grew up knowing that it was a fact. Now, things will come to a sudden change.

Over lunch earlier, I couldn't help but think that Ka Erdy probably already knew that he wouldn't make it to the Church's centennial celebration which is why the church had a grand 95th anniversary celebration.

This is such a sad day for all members of the INC. But I'm sure each and every member realizes that Ka Erdy's passing does doesn't mean that the Church will come to a standstill.

Ka Erdy's remains will be ready for public viewing today (September 1st) at 3pm at the Templo Central in Quezon City. My family hopes to visit this coming Saturday.

For more details, you can visit GMANews.TV. Here's the link to the news article:


  1. Kaya pala parang naghahabilin na ang Ka Erdy sa kaniyang huling TV appearance noong 95th anniversary.

    Tama ka, gumagapang ang lungkot sa bawat isa sa atin sa pagpanaw ng mahal nating Ka Erdy.

  2. Salamat po sa comment bro. Oo nga. Kaya pala engrande na yung 95th anniversary celebration. Nagtataka pa ako noon kung baket hindi pa hinintay yung centennial. Ngayon, alam ko na... :-(

  3. the mourning pin on our toga, and the sight of the black ribbon in the executive minister's seat while performing my duty during the worship service gave me goosebumps.


  4. I know exactly how you feel.

    The choir members in our locale didn't have mourning pins and I didn't notice if there was a black ribbon on the Executive Minister's seat, but you can surely feel the mourning in our worship service this morning. I swore to myself I wouldn't cry, but I couldn't take it. The presence of God was undeniable...



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