Lazy Monday

Monday, August 10, 2009
For some weird reason, I feel like I'm just coming off a very tiring work week. To think it's just the start of the week. Hehehe. I'm so sleepy... :-/

It's a slow Monday. Nothing too urgent that I need to finish. I got to work early and since everything in the room I stay in (Boracay Rm) was unplugged due to the new carpet that was put in, I decided to go to Me and My Nails in Valero for a foot spa. Of course, that was after calling IT to have them setup my PC. They told me it would take a little more than an hour so after hearing that, I decided to high tail it to Me and My Nails. LOL.

After getting back, here I am. Still feeling lazy and sleepy. Darnit. *Yawn*


Well, last night, I was watching Armageddon (Forgot what channel) while Dan was working on a sideline.

I saw it just once before. That was way back in 1998. 2nd time I watched it was just last night and darnit, I cried a bucket of tears again. Dan was laughing at me for being such a cry baby and even said that I should stick to watching cartoons or just happy movies. Hehehe. I couldn't agree more. =P


Earlier today, I heard about President Arroyo and her entourage's very expensive dinner at Le Cirque in NY.

I always knew our government (with the exception of a few officials) is corrupt. But when I heard about this news, I could only grimace and shake my head in silent disbelief.

I googled it and found the original article posted in New York Post:

I don't know how the report could be exaggerated when the Palace admits that the bill was indeed approximately $20,000.00. Okay, so they say they did not order "several bottles of very expensive wine". They still spent $20,000.00. Not only is that a whopping amount. It is also an exaggeration in itself. So they say it was a "simple late, late night dinner". Given that the food they ordered was a set menu, couldn't they have looked for a less expensive restaurant? Le Cirque, of all places! I mean, all they needed was common sense. Leaders of a country such as ours should have more sense, conscience, and intellect to realize that doing what they did was like a slap on the face for us common Filipinos. The amount they spent on their so called "simple dinner" was enough to have fed several hundred hungry people in our country. I personally find their actions and reasoning insulting and highly inconsiderate. What kind of leaders will do such a thing?
I also do not understand how the militant group Bayan could be responsible for spreading the news about their deeds. It was, after all, published in New York Post. The news source wasn't local media.
*Sigh* Just writing about this is giving me a headache. Let's just end it here. What they did was a lapse in judgement. A huge one at that. Even if it wasn't the taxpayers' money that they used, it was still improper for them to do what they did. They should stop blaming militant groups and saying that it's part of a propaganda to over throw the government. They should apologize to the Filipino people, admit their mistakes, and just focus on doing their jobs right.
Enough of the blaming. Enough talk. Shut up and WORK. I (along with my fellow countrymen) am not getting deducted a huge sum for my taxes to find out that our country's leaders are just "nagpapasasa".

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