Rest in Peace

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Just found out this morning that Bro. Ernesto Gutierrez, Sr. has passed away due to liver cancer. He was our resident minister several years ago. I remember he was a kind and funny man. He had a strong, loud voice that scared many people, but I remember he was always nice to me and my friends.

Our family was saddened and rather surprised when we heard about Bro. Erning's passing since just 2 weekends ago, we saw his wife and son outside McDonald's in Tandang Sora. We didn't get to say hi to them because we were in the Revo going to Ate Ana's place.

When we thought back to that Saturday morning, we realized that they probably came from NEU General Hospital on that day.

His interment will be this Saturday, August 29th. I would like to drop by at the wake Friday night, after work, to extend my condolences to his family but I'm still trying to convince Dan. He doesn't like wakes. He's scared of 'em for some reason.

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