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Monday, August 03, 2009
I was only 4 years old when former President Cory Aquino was elected into office, so I can't say I remember much of what happened during her regime.

What I do know is that even after her years of Presidency was over, she continued to fight for what is right. She was continuously present in the fight against corruption.

I know I was usually one to complain when there would be rallies held along Ayala because my office is smack in the middle of Ayala where people converge during such meetings. I complained because I would either be late for work, or I'd have to walk a distance just to get to work on time.

Today, I was on my way to work just as Former President Cory Aquino's entourage was making their way to Manila Cathedral. I wasn't surprised when I found out that Ayala was part of the route that they will take going to the Cathedral. I expected traffic and wasn't surprised when the entourage seemed to come to a stop when they got to Ayala, especially on Ayala corner Paseo (just a few meters from my office bldg). I got off the fx just behind Enterprise so that I could walk to my office building. While I was walking through the crowd, I couldn't help but be swayed by the emotion of the people who gathered along Ayala to pay their respects to Former President Aquino. They were singing songs that were famous during the Edsa Revolution, one of which was Magkaisa. You will hear no complaints from me today, despite the traffic and the inconvenience, because, I too, wanted to actually see the entourage and pay my respects to the late and former president.

I wish I was able to take a decent shot of what went down in Ayala earlier, but I guess I'll have to make do with the souvenir shot that I was able to take using my cellphone camera. Too bad I can't upload that either because I can't find my phone's USB cable and our CP here at the office and at home both do not have bluetooth. Bummer.

Anyway, I'll leave you with the lyrics of Magkaisa. I wish I could get one with the actual song, but I don't have access to Youtube here in the office.

Virna Lisa's Magkaisa lyrics

Ngayon ganap ang hirap sa mundo
Unawa ang kailangan ng tao
Ang pagmamahal sa kapwa'y ilaan
Isa lang ang ugat na ating pinagmulan
Tayong lahat ay magkakalahiSa unos at agos ay huwag padadala

Panahon na (may pag-asa kang matatanaw)
Ng pagkakaisa (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kahit ito (sa atin Siya'y nagmamahal)
Ay hirap at dusaMagkaisa (may pag-asa kang matatanaw)
At magsama (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kapit-kamay (sa atin Siya'y nagmamahal)

Sa bagong pag-asaNgayon may pag-asang natatanaw
May bagong araw, bagong umaga
Pagmamahal ng Diyos, isipin mo tuwina

(Repeat Chorus)
Magkaisa (may pag-asa kang matatanaw)
At magsama (bagong umaga, bagong araw)
Kapit-kamay (sa atin Siya'y nagmamahal)
Sa bagong pag-asa

Lyrics Virna Lisa lyrics - Magkaisa lyrics

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