Sunday, September 06, 2009
Out of the thousands of people who were lined up outside the INC Central Temple yesterday, The Memet and I were one of the lucky few to have been able to make it inside to view Bro. Eraño G. Manalo's remains. It took just a few seconds, but it was a surreal experience nonetheless. He looked like he was just in a peaceful slumber. I was also able to shake hands with and extend my condolences to some of the members of his family who were there. They all offered a smile when I shook their hands but one could see the sadness and the pain through their eyes. All members of the INC are mourning Ka Erdy's passing, but I can only imagine what it must be like for Ka Erdy's family.

Truly, The Memet and I must've been very blessed yesterday. After viewing Ka Erdy's remains, we stuck around because it was announced that a worship service will start at around 3pm. Honestly, I was suprised because the normal schedule is 6:45pm on Saturdays. Yesterday, at the service, I felt like my soul was purified and blessed. It was Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo who officiated. The presence of the Holy Spirit was undeniable. I'm sure everyone who were inside the Church and even those in the Santuario felt God's powerful presence. It was unlike any worship service I have ever attended.

After the service, when we stepped out into the drizzling afternoon, we saw Bro. Eduardo walking amidst the brethren who were waiting for him. He was shaking everyone's hands. Ate Anna, Kuya Mel, and I were lucky to have been in his path, near the exit so there were no obstacles when he came our way. Too bad The Memet wasn't there because he went to get the Revo.

Looking back, I have to say I was really blessed yesterday to have been part of the the Church's history. I was also lucky to have received God's blessings and to have felt His power yesterday. With His guidance, I shall continue on with my journey until Christ's second coming - and we all know it won't be long.


  1. hay grabe. parang naninibago pa rin ako. dati ang nagpapahayag ng sirkular sa mga pagsamba ay nakalagda ang kapatid na Erdy, ngayon, siya na ang isinisirkular--- para ilibing sa huling hantungan dito sa lupa.


  2. It will definitely take a while before we really get used to it. Pero gaya nga ng sinabi nung isang kapatid natin na na-interview, atleast, natapos na ng Ka Erdy ang kanyang takbuhin. We'll see him parin naman. :)

  3. nice post, naalala ko tuloy ulit ang ka Erdy..

    by the way, i hope you don't mind me putting your blog in my 'mafia connections'..


  4. Hi Graydistrict!

    Thanks. Nope, I don't mind being included in your 'Mafia Connections'. :)

    God bless!


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