Commuter Chronicles # 1

Thursday, September 03, 2009
11:30am today. Commuting to work. I took a tricycle from our subdivision going to the highway. Had no choice but to ride at the back. It was drizzling a little but I couldn't find my black slacks so I had to make do with my light brown ones.

While riding at the back of the tricycle, I made sure to sit properly so that my slacks would stay clean and I succeeded! Hehehe. When I got off at the highway however, the girl who was sitting next to me at the back of the tricycle alighted carelessly and brushed her dirty flipflops against the side of my pant legs. Grrrr! Now I have a brown line of a stain on the side of my pants and my day has just barely begun. I feel so unkempt. Tsk tsk tsk.

Reminder to all commuters: Be mindful of the people around you. They might be trying to keep themselves clean so try not to get them dirty.

Reminder to self: Get spare black pants from parents' house.

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