Commuter Chronicles # 2

Friday, September 11, 2009
It's been raining for nearly the entire week and I'm getting crankier every time I commute. Hehe. The rain isn't really a problem for me. I think it's good that it rains because I feel it's Mother Earth's way of bathing. Plus, the temperature is a whole lot cooler so I don't sweat much when I commute. ;-)

The problem is, the people that I commute with. Sigh. Again, the real issue is with me trying to stay looking neat until I get to the office. :p

Situation #1: Yesterday, in the FX on my way to work, a lady came in to sit next to me. It was raining pretty hard outside so she had an umbrella with her. As soon as she sat next to me, she practically put her drenched umbrella on my lap as she closed the door. Sigh.

Situation #2: Crossing the street while raining. Never mind that I'm holding an umbrella, my bag, and another paper bag while I'm crossing the street under the rain. What sucks is that there are drivers out there who drive carelessly, splashing pedestrians with water, AND spewing lung-cancer-causing fumes into the air that the pedestrians inevitably breathe in. No wonder my pimples won't go away. Even if I don't touch my face with dirty hands, the air itself is dirty. Sigh.

Situation #3: On my way to work earlier, I was enjoying the fact that I was sitting in the middle of the FX all by myself, warm and cozy, while it was raining outside. My blissful state evaporated as soon as several passengers hailed the fx. They were a group of 2 ladies and a kid. They had so much stuff with them, but they chose to sit in the middle, with me. That was fine. Obviously, I didn't own the FX, so who am I to complain, right? Well... I guess it was okay save for the fact that the lady who sat next to me was wearing a waterproof jacket. She was all warm and dry (and I'm happy for her), but she got my cotton jacket all wet. It was as if my jacket absorbed all the raindrops that were on her waterproof jacket. Sigh. Remember, I mentioned that they had a lot of stuff with them? That was okay with me too. What wasn't okay was the fact that half of those things ended up on my lap. They weren't very light too. Sigh (again). Would've been okay if I didn't have my shoulder bag and a paper bag on my lap, but that wasn't the case.

Reminder to all commuters: Be sensitive to the people commuting with you. If you have a kid and a huge luggage or multiple bags with you, it is best to sit at the back of the FX where it is roomier. ;-)

Reminder to self: Charge Ipod and bring it everyday. It'll help ease the pains of commuting. Hehehe. :p

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