Commuter Chronicles # 3

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
It's been a few days since it stopped raining. The sun's shining full blast, and I have to say... I miss the rain and the cool wind that came with it. :-(

Another reason for my missing the rainy weather? The very hot fx that I took coming to work today. Sure, it had a/c (I think), but it was so hot, it felt more like a heater. Add the traffic to that, and you'll come up with lots of sweaty and impatient passengers. I was one of those sweaty and impatient passengers. I was sweating so much that I rummaged through my bag to look for something that I could fan myself with. It was a good thing I had a couple of old scratch papers in my bag somewhere and I was able to use it to fan myself and alleviate my agony. Hehehe! It was also a good thing that I heeded my own reminder and charged my iPod so I had something to keep my entertained. ;-) Right now, I'm just uber glad that my office is as cold as a fridge. Hahaha!

Reminder to self: Buy a fan in case similar scenario happens again.

Reminder to fx owners: Please, please, please... Keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. Replace the freon (is that how it's spelled?) if needed. Have mercy on your passengers...

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