Sykes Customer Service Week

Thursday, September 03, 2009
Sykes celebrated Customer Service Week with a week-long line up of events, food, and sales. Too bad I didn't have any extra moolah to buy myself and The Memet a pair of Sanuk Sandals. Huhu.

Anyway, I enjoyed the 4th day of the CS Week in RS the best. Sykes rented the 28th floor in RS and different vendors, set up their booth up there.

Hmmm... Lemme try to remember who and what were there... Well, Krispy Kreme was there. So were Italliani's, Fish & Co., Sanuk, Senses Regal, uhh... Pizza Hut... Chroma Disegno, Globe... 2 Sykes Booths (CSRM and Recruitment), there was also a Sykes Message Wall, and a photo booth! Hehe.

My partners and I had a chance to have our pictures taken at the photo booth. Here's a shot of Francis, Me, and JP. Hehehe.


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  2. Hi, I'm Cleo from TheSmileCo Photography team. Thanks for visiting our website and I hope you enjoyed your photo booth experience with us. We also had a week of tremendous fun shooting Sykeser's, hopefully we get invited on future Sykes events.

  3. Hi Cleo! Yup, we definitely enjoyed your photo booth. Looking at the pix, I'm kinda wishing we stuck around and posed some more. Hehehe. :)


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