Typhoon Ondoy: My Story

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
By now, many of you have probably blogged about the calamity that landed last Saturday, September 26th.

Typhoon Ondoy has already left the country but many are still suffering and mourning. My family and I are lucky to not have lost any loved ones, but we got to feel Ondoy's wrath, first hand.

I'm only blogging about this right now because we do not have internet connection at home. Yep, I'm finally in the office today, after 2 days of emergency leave.

Here goes my story...

I was up all night Friday because of the heavy rain. I couldn't sleep and those of you who have me on your contacts list on Facebook would know that I was up until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

At around 2am (Saturday), I was lying in bed awake while my hubby was sound asleep next to me. I couldn't help but notice the torrential rain that's been pouring since late afternoon, Friday. It made me uneasy. But I drifted to sleep around 3am.

Saturday, 8:30am. It was still raining hard. I didn't turn the TV on to watch the news, I didn't go online to read people's tweets, and I was clueless. Around 9:30am, Dan and I left the house with the Revo. My mom in law asked us to go to BDO in SM Taytay to deposit some money. It was when we left the subdivision that we realized that it was already heavily flooded outside our subdivision. We still drove on though, thinking that it was just Ricarte that was flooded. The flood was already thigh-deep btw. Outside Ricarte, the situation wasn't all that different. Flood water was still high, and the current was a bit stronger. We drove on for a few more minutes but realized that it would be safer to just go back home. And so we did. When we got back to Ricarte, we were surprised to see that the flood water had risen. It was already waist-deep. We got home safe after slowly treading the flood.

At home, we were busy with our chores. Cleaning, cooking, etc. My in laws were already expecting the flood. But they were watching the flood from the front of the house. What we didn't know was that the wall of the creek that was a few meters from the back of our house would shatter. Flood water came rushing into our house from the back gate straight through the kitchen door. There was nothing we could do to stop it. We were ankle deep in water in just 5 minutes. We started to move some furniture to the 2nd floor (thank God we have a 2nd floor). We moved what we can and saved what we could because the water rose so quickly.

All the while, we still had electricity. I had my eyes on the electric sockets. It was a good thing my in laws put the sockets rather high. I guess they knew way back then that the area was really prone to floods. I was still wary though because the water continued to rise. While the water was just 3 inches away from the sockets, I asked my father in law to shut down the main power of the house. We're all glad we did. Because the water continued to rise. It wasn't so bad really. The water inside the house was just waist deep. We were still lucky compared to others.

Saturday night was really uncomfortable. Our rooms were stuffy because of all the furnitures and trinkets from downstairs. There was no electricity so it was rather hot. We couldn't open the windows because it was still raining. And it was dark because we only had a few candles in the house. The only emergency lights that we had went dead at around 7pm. Throughout the night, Dan and I kept waking up in intervals so we could fan each other. We couldn't do anything about the mosquitos though.

It was a warm, sweaty, and itchy night for us. (I broke out the next day though because I didn't get to wash my face well. Not enough water to go around for everyone). We were still lucky though because even though the 1st floor was flooded, it didn't reach the 2nd floor and we were still dry.

It took us all of Sunday and half of Monday to drain the house of flood water (The living room was the lowest point in the house. It was like a catch basin). The house was really muddy, and a lot of the wood furnitures were ruined. After the house was clean and dry, my father in law turned the electricity back on. We're lucky our electricity is with Taytay even though our house is in Cainta. Throughout Cainta, I think our area's the only place with electricity. Still no phones though.

Monday afternoon, Dan and I ran some errands and did some grocery shopping. We also finally got to go to the bank to deposit the money that my mom in law asked us to deposit last Saturday. We were in the bank for over an hour. The lines were sooooo long.

Tuesday, I was supposed to go back to work but I couldn't. I had a fever and was couging up a storm. Dan brought me to the hospital in the morning. The doctor gave me antibiotics for my upper respiratory tract infection and requested that I have a urinalysis done. We went back to the hospital in the afternoon and found out that I had UTI as well. Right after getting the results, we went to an OB in the same hospital who gave me VERY expensive antibiotics. I'm going back to my OB on Saturday, because the OB who gave me expensive antibiotics didn't really answer my question as to why I was bleeding Monday night. I thought it was just a period but it just happened Monday night, and I've never had a period 2x in one month.

Anyway, I'm back in the office today.

I'm really thankful that although we were severely struck by Typhoon Ondoy, none of my loved ones were hurt and our homes are still intact. We might've lost a few furnitures and other belongings, but those things could easily be replaced.

We have other fellow countrymen who are still suffering from the typhoon's aftermath. Some have not eaten in days. There are those who are still deep in flood water. Let us do what we can to help them. They need all the help they can get.

Let us also pray that the next two typhoons/storms would not bring too much water. The rivers and creeks are still full. Another bout of floods would be too devastating.

Let us also be thankful for what we have: Our family, our shelter, our health, the food that we eat, the water that we drink... We never know when these things would be taken away from us. Let us cherish them every single day.

Much love,

Image source: Typhoon Ondoy dot Org
*** Will upload my own images once my internet connection at home is up.


  1. yaiks! inabot pala kayo sa loob ng bahay. :(

    shifting to a different subject, are you preggy already? hinahanap ko sa blog mo yung update about that! wow! uhmm... UTI is common to pregnant women so, just take the proper prescriptions and you'll be ok. ;)

    regards kay Dan!

  2. Hi Jon! Yeah, 1st time kong na-experience na bahain ang loob ng bahay. Hehe. Buti nalang yung house ng parents ko sa Brookside, hindi pinasok ng tubig baha.

    Hmmm. Good question. Hindi pa ako preggers (as far as I know). We're still waiting na ipagkaloob yun sa amin ng Ama. Hehe.

    Salamat sa pagkumusta mo. :) Regards kay Ayah at sa inyong little bundle of joy. :)

  3. Hi, Thank you for sharing your Ondoy story. I've linked it along with other Ondoy stories here: Share your Ondoy Stories to Help the Nation Heal

    If you know of others, please let me know so I can link them too.


  4. Hi reyjr. Thanks. I'll be sure to let you know when I come across other Ondoy stories. :)

  5. Wow lucky you. Here in Cainta, Tuesday night pa kami nagkaron ng electricity... :( God bless the Philippines.

  6. Hi Clarrise! Yup. Yung house ng parents ko sa Brookside, last week Tuesday lang din daw nagkaroon ng electricity.

    My hubby and I also live in Cainta. Borderline nga lang ng Cainta and Taytay, so our electricity was with taytay. :)

    God bless us all...


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