Battle Against Pimples # 1

Friday, October 16, 2009
Unlike those who are blessed with beautiful skin, I grew up as a teen who had oily and very acne prone skin. Around college, the oiliness was still there but the pimples went away and my skin cleared up, thanks to Benzac AC. My skin remained clear (albeit oily) even as I started working (on the graveyard shift, no less!) - I still got the occasional pimples though, when my monthly visitor arrives.

I guess the whole battle against pimples (during adulthood) started when I became dissatisfied with my face's oiliness. I started using different products on my face, and I guess that just aggravated my skin's condition instead of improving it. Then... A few months before the Memet and I got married, I was probably very stressed out with work and the wedding preps, and so my face was practically "infested" with pimples. Ugh. Sad to say, even now, 8 months after the wedding, my skin still hasn't improved.

I tried a lot of organic products in my hopes of sustaining an entirely organic skin care routine. Sure, the organic soaps, shampoos and lotions worked well on my hair and body. But nothing seemed to work on my face. The Memet and I were also trying to have a baby so I was concerned about the products that I'll put on my skin, particularly on my face.

Just this week, I decided to finally go back to what worked for me back when I was in college. I marched to Watsons yesterday and bought a tube of Benzac AC (5%) and the old Clean and Clear facial wash (I forgot the exact name, but it's the one for pimples). Started using it last night. Hoping to see some results in about a month or so. Sigh.

I hope this works...

In case you're interested, these are the things that I tried on my skin before I went back to my old regimen:

- Clindamycin Solution (0.2%)
- Tretinoin Cream
*** I stopped this regimen because I was afraid it might have a bad effect on me and the baby in case I got pregnant while using it.
- Kate Jones' Beautifying Factor Package - This didn't work for me. I found the routine too tedious because of all the products I needed to put on my face, and the "purging" stage lasted longer than expected, which meant it wasn't just a purging stage. Hay.

- Venus n Mars Emu Oil - The emu oil was no match against my pimples.
- Venus n Mars Emu Soaps - I loved the smell of the soaps, but nope, didn't work.
- Human Nature Aloe Vera and Guava Facial Wash - This was too drying for me. It made my skin feel too tight and rough. :(
- Human Nature Royal Jelly Day and Night Lotion - Smelled nice. Hehe. But gave me cystic pimples. Huhu...
- Human Nature Tomato Toner - I didn't feel it was strong enough to actually get rid of my pimples. For me it was too... mild.
- Human Nature Brown Rice Exfoliating Face Scrub - This, for me, is a keeper. I still use this once or twice a week to help remove whiteheads and blackheads. :)
- Dickinsons Witch Hazel Toner (Yellow) - I guess this one's really for tightening pores. It worked in tightening my pores, but it didn't help in getting rid of my pimples. I guess it's because my pores are never clean enough when I use the toner, so after I apply it, my pores close, thus trapping the pimple causing dirt inside.
- Cyleina Tomato Soap - I read a lot of raves about this soap from Cyleina users. I'm glad it worked for them. Unfortunately, it didn't help in clearing up my skin. I still got cystic pimples while using this soap. :(
- Cyleina Rice Bran - This soap helped in removing bacne, but it wasn't effective in removing the pimples from my face. Huhu.

There may have been other things that I forgot to mention above, but generally, everything I've used in nearly a year that passed did not work. The products mentioned above may have been effective for some people, but sad to say, they didn't work their magic on my super stubborn skin.

I was hoping that the organic products that I tried would help in clearing up my skin, but I guess it really just wasn't meant to be. I guess I really need something stronger, with medication (like Benzac) on my face.

Oh well. I will continue with the regimen I started last night and will post another update in a few weeks. I wanted to post a picture of me NOW (sorta like a before and after), but I guess I'll do that when my skin clears up. Hahaha!

I will leave you with a list of my current skin care products (almost all are non-organic, sad to say):

- Clean and Clear Facial Wash (For acne prone skin)
- Ponds Acne Expert Pore Conditioning Toner
- Benzac AC, 5%
- Ponds Pearl Cream

- Clean and Clear Facial Wash (For acne prone skin)
- Human Nature Brown Rice Exfoliating Face Scrub (2x a week)
- Ponds Acne Expert Pore Conditioning Toner
- Benzac AC, 5%
- Clean and Clear Moisturizer


  1. I can relate, sis. My experience with acne was similar to yours. Panoxyl (also benzoyl peroxide like Benzac) had cleared me up, but I got discontented with the dull-looking skin I thought it gave me so I discontinued it and used tea tree oil instead. I broke out so severely. It's a good thing I found Proactiv which completely cleared me up, and I'm so thankful for it, but now I have to deal with the marks from that breakout. I wish I never switched to tea tree oil.

  2. I'm glad Proactiv worked for you! It's a bit expensive so I'll try Benzac first. Hehe. Hopefully, my pimples will go away soon. :)

    Pimple marks are better than pimples! Hehehe... You can try using Ponds Pearl Cream at night since it doesn't say how much sunscreen/SPF it has. It helps lighten the marks over time. :)

  3. i can relate as well. my acne developed during adulthood also...i know how frustrating and upsetting it is. i've tried many of the items you've listed and we share similar thoughts on a number of items, like v&m's emu oil, soaps, hhn's facial wash & moisturizer -lahat walang nagawa or pinalala pa facial acne. i like hhn's brown rice scrub too though. dickinson's had no effect on me naman. clindamycin worked well on me but stopped using it once i got pregnant. hope the routine works well for you :) what i mostly use now are garden of wisdom products and they really help calm my skin down :)

  4. Thanks sis, I'm crossing my fingers. Hehe. Sana, sana, sana my new routine works out.

    Aside from Proactiv, I'm going to add Garden of Wisdom products on my next to try list. Hahaha! Where can I find Garden of Wisdom sis?

  5. you can find them at sis. they also have a forum, really helpful for narrowing down your product choices :)

  6. Awesome. Thanks sis! I'll check out their website. :)


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