Battle Against Pimples # 2

Monday, October 26, 2009
Just a quick update. =D

It's been roughly 11 days since I started using Benzac AC. It hasn't exactly been a while yet, but I "feel" like most of my pimples have already died. Hehe. Majority of them have dried out and are already flat. Yey!

What I noticed though is that my skin has become extra dry and it also peels sometimes. This wasn't the case when I was using Benzac several years before, however I read that the dryness is really one of the side effects. So I guess that's fine. As expected though, I am left with pimple marks to deal with. If I don't touch my face, I wouldn't know that my pimples are already mostly flat. Hahaha! I still look like I have pimples. Hay. But I'll worry about that some other time.

Just yesterday, I noticed a huge red bump about an inch below my right eye. It's an underground pimple. Doesn't hurt so much, but I feel like I have a huge eyebag below my right eye everytime I look down, especially when I smile. Ugh. The Memet says I look like I have a black eye. LOL. Anyway, I think I got this because of the full face of makeup that I had this past Saturday. We attended a wedding and I requested my cousin/makeup artist to make sure that my pimple marks wouldn't show. She did a great job with a few layers of foundation! Hehehe! I actually looked ALMOST flawless. LOL. I wish I could upload a pic to show you guys, but I'm blogging from the office right now (before my shift officially starts) and I can't upload pix from here. It just sucks that we still do not have internet at home. Sigh.

Anyway, with that much makeup piled on my face for the most part of Saturday, I'm not surprised that I got a pimple. My skin's not used to having a lot of makeup on. I'll continue to put Benzac on that huge sucker and hopefully, it'll be gone in a few days. =D

So, that's all for now! Thanks for reading! Hehe.


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