Commuter Chronicles # 4

Friday, October 02, 2009
After what seemed to be ages, I got to ride a bus again last night. My manager and I had to go to our other site in Makati, so from Ayala, we took a bus going to Chino Roces. Most of the buses seem newer now. I couldn't smell the cockroaches anymore. LOL. But the drivers still drive the same way so standing in the aisles of the bus was still a tough balancing act. Haha!

Anyway, when I have to go to our other site and it's not raining, what I usually do is walk. It's just a 15 minute walk from one site to another, so it's okay. Plus, it's good exercise - I think. I just try to make sure not to inhale too much fumes from the vehicles in Ayala. Haha!

I suddenly remembered an incident from last week. It has nothing to do with fumes or anything. But I was walking to our other site. I was already at the parking lot beside Standard Chartered. The area reeked. It smelled of urine there. So I covered my nose with my handkerchief and walked closer to the street. I passed by a few people who were waiting for buses under the waiting sheds. There was this one guy who probably didn't see me coming because he hurled a spitball right as I passed in front of him. Good thing I stopped (thank God for quick reflexes) so his spit landed right in front of my feet. I didn't bother looking at his reaction, but I didn't bother hiding my disgust either. It was gross. I personally cannot find it in me to respect people who spit on streets. Ever seen that commercial on TV, "Huwag kang durara!"? I completely agree with it.

So there. I hope nobody ever got spit on by these "durara" people. That would be gross. But still, walking on their spit and feeling it under your shoes/sandals is probably one of the grossest feelings already.

Discipline people... Discipline...

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