Commuter Chronicles # 5

Friday, October 02, 2009
I thought I'd blog about this before I forget. Hehe. As mentioned in my Ondoy blog entry, I have UTI (again). So, the Memet is more persistent nowadays in having me increase my daily water intake.

This incident happened yesterday. The Memet went on half day yesterday so we left the house for work at the same time. But before we left, the Memet had me drink 2 glasses of water. It may seem normal to most, but I'm not used to drinking 2 full glasses of water in 1 sitting. But I had no choice so I downed it. Note: I went to pee before we left.

15 minutes into my FX ride to work, I felt the urge to pee again. I thought to myself, 'this couldn't be happening...'. But, oh yeah, it was. And the traffic yesterday was ugly. Throughout Ortigas Ave. Extn and C-5, I had my toes curled and was trying my best to hold it in. We passed by several gasoline stations in C-5 but I thought I would be able to stick it out until I got to the office. When we got to Bagong Ilog, I was near tears already. I felt like my dam would break any second. And you know that once it flows, there's no holding back. I was able to successfully hold it in throughout C-5. But when the fx turned to Kalayaan Ave., I knew I couldn't take it anymore. I got off the new building that houses a call center in Kalayaan, the one near Gate 1. Walked straight up to the counter girl in Reyes Barbeque and asked if I could use their restroom. She was gracious enough to show me where it was.

After that, I felt soooo much better. It took me a while though to get another FX. So I had to stand under my umbrella in the rain for about 10 minutes. Yeah, it was raining. I wanted to beat Dan up so bad... LOL.

Oh, and one more thing. The 1st FX that I took was terrible. Everytime the driver stepped on his break, water from the roof of his FX would pour in at the back. And yup, I was sitting at the back. So throughout the FX ride up until Kalayaan, I was holding in my pee while my slacks were drenched in water.

Yesterday was so not my day.

I have a similar blog entry in Xanga. This entry's 3 years old. I can't link you to the exact entry, so I'll repost it below for your convenience. Hehe... Here you go:

Friday, 28 April 2006

i've been thinking about this for quite some time, but what brought about my urge to write about this is what happened to me on my way home from work a while ago.
it started out like this.

aftershift, we went to a community market in salcedo village to have breakfast. well, my teammates ate, but i just had a mocha frappe with mint syrup from starbs. hehehe. diet kuno, pero ganon din. the market was really cool. you peepz should check it out. ;o)

so there were no restrooms in the market... and i, having drank my grande mocha frappe needed to go to the restroom after they had breakfast. so, sumabay ako kay meann and yro sa cab hoping to get off at RS... kaso, they dropped me off at RCBC instead... right across from an FX na byaheng valley golf. i thought to myself na kaya ko pang pigilin hanggang bahay ang wiwi ko... hehe. so, sakay naman ako.

halfway thru the byahe, i started feeling really uncomfortable. you know... yung tipong di mo na kayang pigilin. hahahaha! and syempre, picturin mo nalang yung byahe ko. from makati, dadaan yun ng kalayaan, then c-5... then ortigas ave extn... and wala pang mall na open kasi maaga pa.

ang hirap magpigil!!!

and then naisip ko... ano kaya ang mas mahirap na situation? nasa byahe ka at walang restroom tapos naiihi ka... or nasa byahe ka at walang restroom tapos najejebs ka? then it dawned on me. siguro mas mahirap kung sabay na naiihi ka at nejejebs tapos nasa mahabang byahe kang walang stop-over. hahahaha! ayus.

well, about me nga pala. umabot naman ako sa bahay, so hindi po ako nagkalat sa fx. LOL.
and one more thing. i've also been wondering about this for quite some time na.

to now, i don't get the logic of right minus wrongs on exams. i mean, haller! minsan, may utang ka pa dahil negative yung score mo. imbis na papasa ka, lalo kang malulugmok. hahaha! sino ba kasi nagpauso nito? ha?!

so, yun lang. gusto ko lang i-share ang mga saloobin ko... hehehe... =)

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