Deadline for Getting Killer Abs: Nov. 27, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009
Oh no!!! Time flew so quickly that I didn't notice that I have just a little over a month left to get in shape before our Coron trip! Waaah! Been so out of shape since the wedding... Gained weight (thanks to my Mom In Law who loves feeding me), and now I have bulges everywhere! Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but still... Huhu... I need to trim down my thighs and of course, work on my tummy. Sigh. Hirap talaga maging girl. =(

Game Plan:

1. Crunches! (Grunt)
2. Limit rice intake. (Now, how am I going to do this? My mom in law prepares baon for me everyday!)
3. Dinner: Oatmeal and bananas.

Shucks. I hope this works. No, wait... I hope I'll be able to stick to my game plan. Sigh. Need to stock up on cereals again. I don't need to worry about avoiding soft drinks since I don't drink 'em anyway. Hehe.

Okay... Let's do this! =P

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