Elevator Series: Excuse me, Excuse me...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
I can't take it anymore!

Since my workstation is at the 27th floor of Rob Summit, I take the elevator everyday I'm at the office. I move from the 27th floor, to the 24th, to the 25th. Yep, I'm a regular at 'em elevators.

Ever noticed how some people just do not seem to have elevator etiquette? Well, that'll mostly be the topic of this blog series. Elevator etiquette - or lack thereof, and my experiences inside and w/in the vicinity of elevator cars. Sorry, this doesn't include any hot/steamy elevator experiences. Not that I have any of those. LOL.

Anyway, I walked to Office Warehouse earlier to buy myself a few pens, a notebook, and a greeting card for my parents. Naturally, when I had to go back to my station at the 27th floor, I had to take the elevator. No way in a millenia will I take the stairs to the 27th. Hahaha!

So there, people were alighting at different floors. In the middle of the elevator, there were 2 ladies from, let's say Account X, who were audibly chatting. Let's call them B1 and B2. When the elevator stopped at the 24th floor, 2 people alighted the elevator, then somebody at the back of the car said "excuse me, excuse me" to B1 and B2 because she also needed to get off at the 24th. Just as the elevator doors were closing, B1 started ratting off catty comments about the person who said "excuse me, excuse me". Personally, I didn't see anything wrong with saying "excuse me, excuse me" if someone's blocking you and you have to get off the elevator. Maybe it was the way she said it, but come on. The person was wearing earphones and probably didn't notice her own volume.

B2 seemed to notice that I was already raising my eyebrows at them and so she said to B1, "Wag kang ganyan, hindi nang-aaway ang mga taga-Client X".

B1 replied with, "Yun ang akala nila".

B1 was still yakking on with her snide remarks when we got off at the 27th.

What B1 and B2 did not realize was that Excuse Me Girl and I are from the same account.

Lesson learned?

1. Huwag kang mayabang.
2. Do not say bad things about someone who just got off the elevator unless you're sure that no one else in the elevator knows that person you're b!+ch#* about.
3. If you're not sure, hold it until you're somewhere relatively "safe".
4. Or better yet, keep it to yourself. It's always best not to say bad things about other people.


  1. LOL. i remember writing about elevator etiquettes to, way back when i was still a frequent "rider" of the lift.

  2. If you're a regular "lift-rider", you will definitely have a lot of experiences... Hehehe!

  3. http://jonmagat.blogspot.com/2005/11/friday-meanness.html

    ayan yung link ng elevator post ko. hinanap ko pa talaga, hahaha!!

  4. @ aajao : I just (finally) read the link you gave - wala nanaman kasi kaming internet sa bahay. LOL. Adik naman yung guy na yun sa elevator. Iba-iba talaga yung mga taong makakasabay mo sa elevators. Hehehe.


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