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Wednesday, October 07, 2009
I don't get to watch TV that much because of my irregular schedule and well, because we do not have cable at home. Fine, there are local TV channels available, but... well... No offense or anything, but I don't find most of the programs appealing. I do enjoy a few local shows like documentaries on either GMA7 or ABS-CBN, Urban Zone, and believe it or not, Judy Ann & Ryan Agoncillo's George & Cecil. Hehe.

I like watching the 2 (Judy Ann and Ryan) on TV because I think their sitcom's rather funny. Plus, I can relate to the storyline because I'm also a newlywed. Hehehe.

Aside from those local tv shows, there's the news of course.

What I totally love watching though are Privileged and iCarly.

I just recently discovered that even without cable, I could watch ETC on channel 21. Is that normal or is it just our TV? Hehehe. Anyway, I just recently started watching Privileged. Some say it's similar to Gossip Girl, but I can't really say because I've never watched Gossip Girl. Oh, I take that back. I watched 1 episode, but I never really got glued to it because I couldn't follow what's going on. I liked the outfits though. Hehehe. Privileged is an easy watch. To me, it's entertaining, funny, and well... a guilty pleasure. Hahaha! I also love the outfits. :p

iCarly... Ahhh... Hehehe. I know, I know... It's for kids, right? But, I think everyone has a little kid inside them. I only get to watch iCarly when I'm at the office, during my lunch break. I love Miranda Cosgrove. I think she's soooo cute. The kids are also hilarious. :p

Okay, okay. So aside from those shows, of course, I can't forget CSI. I can't watch CSI at home so what Dan did for me was he bought me seasons 1-6 of CSI Miami. Awesome. Hehehe. We watch 3 episodes every Sunday night before we go to sleep. Hehe. I love CSI because it helps me stay sharp. I love following how they solve the crimes. Verrrry interesting. Hehehe.

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