Impending Ecological Doom

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
When I launched earlier, one of the articles in the Top News section caught my eyes. It said Laguna de Bay on its way to 'ecological doom'. You can read about the article here.

Upon reading the article, I couldn't help but remember everything that I learned while growing up. Everything about global warming and climate change came back. I learned all that while I was a kid. And I tried to do my part. I made sure to throw trash where it belongs, no matter how small it was. If I couldn't find a trash can, I'd put my trash in my bag or in my pocket, or I'll keep it in the car. I never found the "guts" to throw it out on the streets or out the car window. I always did what I can to make sure that our surroundings at home was clean. I reused things, opted to buy recycled materials/products... I did everything I could.

Apparently, a small # of people trying to make a difference would hardly make an impact. The people who care about the environment are outnumbered by those who do not give a damn. In our country, you would see people left and right, throwing candy wrappers on the streets as if it was what normal people do. Flicking cigarette butts once they're done smoking... People who drive vehicles that spew dark smoke... There are too many people who don't care. And a lot of them don't care because they don't know what they're effin doing.

Right, common sense. It only takes common sense to realize that after we take advantage of our surroundings, of Mother Earth, it would all soon come back and bite us in the arse. But I guess not a lot of people have common sense nowadays. Take illegal loggers for instance. All they care about is making profit out of maltreating nature. What they don't think about is the adverse effects of their actions.

Let's go back to that article I saw, the one about Laguna de Bay. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the reason for its death. You just need to look and you'll see it. Is it too late to save Laguna de Bay? Probably. It infuriates me when I think about it because we had a whole lot of time to work on saving it. The government should've done its part in making sure that the squatters who lived and trashed the area were relocated elsewhere and properly educated. But, really now... The government officials didn't do a thing because they were scared of losing votes. So what did they do? What did we all do? Nothing! Nobody effin cared. Well, okay. Maybe there were a few people who cared. But what happened? Still, nothing.

That whole flooding incident that happened (and is still happening) with Ondoy and Pepeng. A lot of people are blaming the floods on the dams that released water during the typhoons. But is that the only reason for the floods? What happened to the canals that once flanked the whole of Manila? What happened to the creeks? We should stop blaming other people and start looking at ourselves. Remember the saying "what goes around comes around"? And "Kung anong itinapon mo, ay babalik sayo" (or something like that)? Well, it's Mother Nature's way of getting back at mankind because she's just about had it. A lot of people took advantage of the environment and now everybody has to pay for it. We should all be ashamed.

Is there still anything that we can do? Maybe... Probably... But quite honestly, anger aside, all this was prophesized in the Bible. The end is near. And it's coming quickly. Question is, "Are you ready?".

At this point, I would like to make reference to Jon's October 5 blog entry. (Jon, I hope you don't mind). Please read it and take it in. There might be nothing much we can do to save the planet at this point, but there is something we can do to save ourselves come judgment day.


  1. np referring to my blog post. thanks!
    all of a sudden, i wanted to become THE environment secretary of the Philippines. while i can not do much on climate change WORLDWIDE, i can perhaps lessen its impact in our country. we were once a nation super rich in natural resources. our 'greed' ruined everything :(

  2. Philippines WAS a beautiful country. Well, okay. There are still some places here that're beautiful. But it's so sad that a lot of the natural wonders that we have were not properly taken care of. :(


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