Raising an Old Skirt from the Dead

Friday, October 30, 2009
Well, okay. It's not really that old. I've had this gold skirt in my closet for about... Hmmm... 2-3 years now. LOL. I've only worn it about 2-3 times too. Hehe. I stopped wearing it because I felt like each time I did, it seemed like a fashion flop. I dunno... I just couldn't really figure out what to wear with a knee-length gold lace skirt.

I found a thread in GT where girls could ask what to wear with what and decided to give it a shot. One of the sisses there suggested a plain black sleeveless top and some gold necklaces. I woke up early today for some reason and since I couldn't go back to sleep, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I rummaged through my closet and found a plain black sleeveless top (that needs repair coz some of the seams came undone) and 2 gold/bronze necklaces! =D

Here, I took a pic of me wearing the outfit - without any footwear. Hehe.

Pardon the shot. It was the best one I could take. No one else was in the house so I just placed the camera on the center table in the living room. I also just cropped out the clutter around me. LOL! And, yeah. That's me early in the morning. Haven't brushed my hair... Haven't brushed my teeth... Hahaha!

So... What do you think? Will it do? And... Hmmm. Where oh where would I wear this get-up to? Hehe! Oh! And, what kind of footwear do you think I should wear with it? Flat, strappy sandals, I guess? =D


  1. Looks good sis. I would wear a metallic gold sandal with it.

    Another suggestion would be a wraparound blouse in ballerina pink or white, or even a white tank top. Nothing too busy since the lacy pattern in the gown is pretty already.

  2. Hi sis Gwacie! Thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely try it. =) Do you think I can wear this outfit to a garden wedding this December? =D

  3. If that skirt was mine, I'd wear my red or brown sweater, the one I wore in some of my pics in FB:-)

    I agree with gwacie on the footwear. I have a pair of metallic gold sandals:-)

  4. Oh yeah! Red & gold's a good combination! But people might think I'm really Chinese... Hehe! I think I'll give it a try still. =D

    And... I better get me a pair of gold strappy sandals. =D


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