Shopping Galore

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
When I got off the FX last night, I was surprised to see The Memet waiting for me outside our subdivision on a new scooter. I didn't immediately recognize him because I was so used to looking for him and his blue Raider.

I knew that he wanted to sell his Raider and buy a scooter, but I didn't realize that yesterday would be the day. He didn't say anything about selling the Raider and buying a new one all in the same day!

Well, anyway. I'm happy that he's happy with his new scooter. It's a black Suzuki Hayate. It's actually pretty nice and the black version's a new release.

Oh, but the shopping spree didn't stop there. When we got home and while he was parking his Hayate, he casually mentioned that Mama (his mom), bought a new flat screen tv. His sister asked for the big old one in the living room because theirs already needed to be replaced.

So there. We have a big new flat screen tv in the living room.

I wonder if I'll still get my little point and shoot digicam?... The one I want is just less than P6k...

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