What If You Won $200M?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
A friend asked me earlier what I'd do if I got P200M? To make this post more interesting, let's make it 200 million dollars. Hehehe.

Okay. So, yeah. His question got me thinking. That's a whole lot of money. His follow up question was, would you stop working? You know what I said? I said yes. Hehe. Just because I would like to become a full time housewife. Well, maybe not full time, but I'd like to be able to prepare breakfast for my husband, and our kids (when we finally have kids)... To be at home when he comes home from work... You know, stuff that a housewife would do. I don't get to do all that because of my work. :(

Anyway, on to another interesting question: "What will you do with the money?"

Hmmm... Really interesting. Here's what I would probably do:

1. First things first. Church stuff. ;-)

2. Buy a piece of land where I can put up my own school (pre-school, elementary, and high school). I've been dreaming of having my own school since I was a kid. Hehe. I want to create responsible citizens. People not only with intellect, but with character. ;-) It'd be nice if we can also have "night schooling". It's going to be much like public school because there will be no tuition, but of course, with much better facilities. =D

3. I would buy another piece of land where I can put up a separate library. A big one! That corner lot just outside of Brookside's Gate 3 looks good. Hehehe! (As if). We'll have projects to help out of school youth learn how to read and appreciate literature. It would aslo be nice if we can have special screenings of non-mainstream movies. Sorta like indie movies. Cool...

4. I will put up a shop, like EchoStore in Serendra, where I can sell organic body products and handmade Filipino items. Maybe I'll place my shop in Eastwood or in Tiendesitas. Hehehe.

5. Dan and I will buy a small piece of land where we can build our dream house. =D

6. I will buy a white pearl Toyota Prius (a hybrid!) and a black Ford Explorer for myself. We definitely need an SUV since Cainta is prone to flooding. LOL. Maybe I'll also get a gunmetal Honda EK Hatchback so I can learn how to race. Hehehe. I'll get Dan a Honda Civic too, since he's always wanted one. Not the new one. He wants the old SIR... Hehehe. We can just share the Explorer since we both want one. =D I'll buy my parents and my brother a new car as well. Maybe an SUV too?

7. I will take my family on a shopping spree in HongKong. =D

8. Dan and I will go to all the tourist destinations in the Philippines then in Asia. Maybe go on a Euro-tour as well. Hehehe. Oh! And I will visit my friends in Saipan and Guam. Haven't seen them in years!

9. I will give donations to some charities/organizations that I share the same view with. # 1 on my list is PAWS because I love animals! =D

10. Hmmm... What can I put in #10?... Well, I'll probably spend an entire afternoon in The Spa with The Dan. We'll make that a weekly habit. That should remove all my stress - Para magkababy na kami. LOL!

Those are probably the top 10 things that I will do IF I get $200M. Of course, the rest that I won't get to spend will be sitting in a bank somewhere, earning interest. LOL. How about you? What will you do with $200M? Hehe.


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