Addicted to Looklet

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Does anybody else here have a Looklet account? Hehe. I just recently discovered and handsdown, I am now an addict. LOL! I can still survive a day without creating a new look, so I guess I'm still a functional addict. Hahaha!

What exactly is Looklet, you say? It's a website where you can sign up and create your own looks using clothes and accessories that they have in their database. You can choose from 11 models that they have and there are also sets (backdrops)!

I love it because it's like an online version of playing dress up. It's super fun, promise. Hehehe. ;-)

If you have a Looklet account, add me up! My user name is mojitayanipot (suprise, surprise!). Hehe.

Here are some of the looks that I've created since I joined last November 12th. =)

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