Commuter Chronicles # 7

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
I feel like a "normal" person this week. Been on a 10am-7pm shift since yesterday. Will keep that shift until Wednesday, then Thursday, it'll be 8am-9pm for me because we have another English Congress in Astoria. It feels so different to be moving with majority of the population. It feels different... But I'm glad for the change. Just sort of. Hehehe. I get more sleep when I'm on a 1pm-10pm shift, for some reason.

Well, anyway. I'd like to recount an experience I had last night going home. The fx that I was in got pulled over by an officer (I'm not sure if he was a police officer or an MMDA officer), because the fx driver let a passenger off at a No Loading/Unloading area along Bagong Ilog. This doesn't happen on my normal shift because I'm usually on the road past 10pm, so there are rarely any traffic enforcers around that time.

I was so amused at the scene that was happening outside the fx. The fx driver was giving out all sorts of excuses trying to weasel his way out of a ticket. I believe he even tried to bribe the officer. But I admired the officer for his will. He was firm, yet polite. He explained that what the driver did was a clear violation and that he has to issue a ticket. It went on for about 15 minutes. The officer did not budge. He issued a ticket and told the driver to just claim it somewhere - I'm not sure where. LOL.

I wish we had more officers/government officials who are like that. I bet a lot of Filipinos would be more disciplined if that was the case. And it would be nice to have officers/government officials who we could be proud of. I, for one, know of a government official who has earned half a billion pesos for being mayor of a municipality. I won't drop names since I do not have solid evidence.

Going back to the admirably honest traffic officer. I wanted to get his name, but I had no chance to do so. The fx driver was blocking the patch that had the officer's name on it. It would've been nice to give him a simple acknowledgement here. Sorry I couldn't take a picture either. But anyway, at least we all know that there's still a handful of admirable officers out there, somewhere. =)

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  1. galing nung officer na yun. olats yung driver. nang-bribe pa! kung ako yung driver, magpapa-ticket ako kung talagang guilty naman ako sa violation. :)

    mas maganda sana night shift ano? walang hassle sa trapik :p

  2. Kaasar yung driver talaga. Huling-huli na sa akto, kung anu-ano pa sinasabi. LOL. Pero saludo talaga ako kay officer. Bata pa eh. I hope he stays that way. =D

    Ay, totoo... Mas gusto ko night shift. Or kahit 1pm-10pm lang, yung regular shift ko. Nauubos oras ko sa byahe pag 10am-7pm eh.


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