The Memet Series: Hungarian on the Go

Saturday, November 14, 2009
So... It's 2:05am already and I'm still up while The Memet is sound asleep. Hehe. I thought I'd blog about what happened earlier, lest I forget.

I'm creating 'The Memet Series' because I think it'd be nice to look back and read about all the nice and sweet things that The Memet has done for me. I mean, no matter how much we love someone, there comes a time when we seem to forget the sweet and thoughtful things they've done for us - Especially during a fight. Hehe. And, well, I'd like to look back years and years from now and reminisce The Memet's thoughtfulness. Hehe. Okay, enough cheesiness. :p

So here's what happened earlier.

I was in the middle of my 10pm-12mn meeting when The Memet texted me saying that he'd pick me up from work. I texted him back asking if he was sure about it 'coz it was already rather late and he had a 5am choir practice to attend the next day. He said he was sure and asked me what time he needed to be in Makati. I told him the meeting looks like it'll overshoot 12mn, so he can leave Cainta around 11:50. Hehe.

Fast-forward about an hour later. I hopped in the car and was surprised to see a sports bottle filled with iced chocolate, another bottle of water, a sandwich, and...

Hungarian sausage on the car's dashboard! Haha! Talk about dinner on the go! :p He knew I loved Hungarian sausage so when he found out that the meeting was running late, he took the opportunity and whipped up my dinner so that it would be warm and ready for me as soon as I got in the car. It was one of the most thoughtful things he's done for me. A thoughtfully created meal far outweighs a bouquet of flowers in my book. Hehe. =D


  1. Aaaaawe. That's really sweet of him, sis.. :-) <3 <3 <3

    Hub was extra sweet this morning too. He bought me my fave pastries for breakfast, out of the blue. He overdid it though. He bought 4 donuts, a packet of soft-baked cookies, another packet of madeleines, and a whole bag of cinammon rolls. :-D

  2. Hehehe. We're lucky we have "uber" sweet hubbies. ;-)


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