Our New Baby: Our Nikon D40's New Sibling

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Remember I mentioned I was pining for a P&S (Point & Shoot) digicam? I was originally eyeing a very inexpensive Samsung ES55. A pink one. Hehe. I was planning on setting aside some money to buy it as a birthday gift for myself next year. But since we have a Coron trip this month, I thought I'd try to buy it early. Sadly though, I couldn't raise enough funds to buy the pink digicam that I was very much lemming for. I had saved enough money, but due to the demands of my teeny-tiny online biz, I had to use the money for buying more stocks and orders.

I had pretty much given up and tried to prepare myself for a Coron trip without underwater pictures - Um, no, I wasn't planning on submerging the Samsung ES55. I was planning on buying an underwater casing for it. Hehe.

Just imagine my delight when The Memet told me to go ahead and buy the cute pink digicam using money from our savings account! Hehe. So I called my supplier and I was saddened to find out that they didn't have stocks of the ES55. The earliest they will restock would be by the end of this month, when we go to Coron. Huhu. I guess it really wasn't for me.

After a lot of thinking and going through our budget, I agreed to buy the digicam that The Memet wanted us to buy. Sure it was more expensive than the pink one that I wanted (3x the price of the Samsung ES55), but this one's shockproof, freezeproof, and waterproof. I'm just hoping it's real good value for our money. Why? Because it's just a few thousand bucks shy of our Nikon D40! LOL.

Here we go... Guys, meet our new point and shoot digicam:

It's the new Canon Powershot D10. It's waterproof up to about 10 meters under water. Beyond that, it starts to leak. Which, of course we do not want. Hehe. Quite honestly, I'm still scared of dunking it in water. Sure and fine, it came with a warranty, but... I've never submerged a gadget before. LOL. Should I still buy an underwater casing for it? Hahahaha!

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