Sweet November

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
First post for the month of November. Already the 4th day of the 11th month of this year. Gosh, how time flies...

I can't really think of anything to rant or rave about... So I guess I'll just post random updates. Hehe. :p

1. Pimples - Sigh. They're still there. But somehow, I'm hoping that Benzac will still work. After all, results aren't really immediate, right? Or maybe I should start trying out other anti-acne products... What do you think? Hmmm. I think one of the culprits is my short hair. It keeps getting in my face. Actually, when you look at my face, my t-zone and my cheeks (kinda like the center of my face) is clear of pimples. My jaw-area and the skin near my ears are the ones that have pimples. I guess it's really high time to grow out my hair. I miss having medium-length hair anyway. It was always easier to just tie it up in a pony tail when I'm having bad hair days which is almost everyday. LOL!

2. Bun in the Oven - Still none. There really is no rush... I still have so many places that I want to go to... But somehow, I still get disappointed every time I get my monthly period. :(

3. Pining for a Point and Shoot - I still want one. But I'm not too confident about asking The Memet if I could still get one since he just bought a new scooter.

4. Coron, Palawan - Our trip to Coron is in less than a month. I'm excited, I really am. But I'm just worried because we still haven't made any reservations for our accommodations. It sucks that I can't plan the whole vacation because aside from The Memet's parents and one of our Ninang's families, we'll be going to Coron with hoards of The Memet's officemates. And... well, technically, our other Ninang who is The Memet's former boss, is the one spearheading the whole thing. I tried texting and emailing some of the resorts/lodges/inns in Coron and I was mortified to find that the best affordable ones are already fully booked. I hope I don't sound too bratty when I say that I don't want to stay in a lodge or inn with a stinky/dirty bathroom with dingy walls and tiles. For me, accommodations do not have to be 5 star or hella expensive. What seals the deal for me would be clean bathrooms. That's all I ask for...

5. Out of Town Vacation - I know we're going to Coron at the end of this month, But I'm bummed at the fact that we're going there with A LOT of other people. I'm actually pining for some solo time with The Memet. Just the two of us, somewhere, out of town. Maybe some cozy place in Tagaytay? Or... I've always wanted to go to Vigan... I don't know. Anywhere. Just as long as it's just the two of us. I want to escape from the hustle and bustle of work and just be with The Memet.

Well, there you go. I guess by reading my posts, you'll see that I'm in a gloomy state of mind today. Sigh. Blame it on the weather. Hehe. Time to reach for my Anti-Stress Balm to keep the stress at bay. :p

I'm so looking forward to Friday. No work on Friday for me! I'll prolly just work on my "sideline" and try to grow my tiny business. Hehe.

Ciao for now! =)

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