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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Whew. I feel like I've been MIA from my blog for soooo long. Been uber busy with work then took off to Coron for a few days (Nov 28-Dec 1). =D I would've uploaded the pics from my cameras yesterday when we got back yesterday afternoon, but then I got a terrible, terrible headache after I woke up from a nap. Must've been my body's way of letting me know it's in denial - It's in denial to the fact that I'm back from my vacation. LOL!

Anyway, I just dropped by for a quick update. No pictures yet. I'm hoping to upload some of 'em by Saturday, but then Dan and I will be attending a 10am wedding in San Juan, so uploading pics is still questionable. Hehehe. Gosh... I wish I could take more time off from work. LOL.

So, here are my updates:

1. I hosted a debut last Sunday, Nov 22nd for my mom's friend's daughter. Hehe. The pictures are still in my camera. Sheesh, I never realized hosting an event like that was so tiring. My feet hurt so much after the party. Well, I guess that's a given after standing in high heels for about 5 hours. Good thing The Memet gave me a very nice massage afterwards. The pain was totally gone after he worked his miracle. =D

2. Was seriously busy at work last week trying to do some things in advance so that I won't have to be waist-deep in work when I got back from vacation. Hehe.

3. Nov. 26 (Thursday), was Thanksgiving in the US. I wasn't supposed to come in at all because our account had no phone support that day, but I still came in half day (1pm-5pm) just because I had to do stuff. Hehe. After work, The Memet and I met up halfway so we could go to Sta. Lucia to buy some last minute stuff for our trip. It was also sort of a mini-date because it's our anniversary as bf-gf. Hahaha!

4. Attended church in Manggahan at 6am, Saturday (Nov. 28).

5. Left the house at around 10am for NAIA (Terminal 3) for our 1:05pm flight to Busuanga.

6. Saw Cesar Montano and Katya Santos at NAIA Terminal 3 while we were roaming around. We got there too early for our flight. LOL. Oh, they weren't together. Cesar was going to Tagbilaran while Katya was going to Laoag. I was too shy to have my picture taken with either one. My mom in law and our ninang had their pic taken with Cesar though. Hehehe.

7. When we got to Busuanga Saturday afternoon (Nov 28), I realized that Sun Cellular had absolutely no signal there. No cell sites for Sun subscribers whatsoever. Hahaha! I was incomunicado for 4 days.

8. Coron was a very, very beautiful place. It's not yet developed. Tourism just started to boom last 2008, so there aren't that many resorts/hotels/inns. A lot of the lodges there were just homes converted to lodges. No fast food chains of any sort. Hehe. But the fishes were awesome! Really fresh and delish. I super enjoyed snorkeling. Will post a separate blog entry of our Coron activities. =) With pictures! :p

9. Back to work today. Sigh. But that's reality. Hehe.

Well, that's about it. Before I get back to work, I'm off to Starbucks for a quick break. Need fuel so I can function properly. Hehehe.


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