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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
How's everyone holding up? =D

December is a very busy month for mostly everyone (Save for the ones who planned vacations for half the month). Everyone's busy shopping, completing their Christmas lists... Me? I'm busy working (Sigh) and haven't been getting much sleep because of our devotional prayers for our upcoming Thanksgiving in church.

Usual routine this month:
- Sleep at around 1am.
- Get up at 4am to prepare for the 5am devotional prayer.
- Go back to sleep around 5:30am.
- Wake up at 9:30am, fix orders.
- 10-11am, take a bath and get dressed for work.
- 11am, lunch.
- 11:30am, leave for work.
- 1pm, start day at the office.
- 10pm (if lucky), head home.

My sched's probably not as hectic compared to others, but I'm just uber tired. The back of my head's been throbbing more often lately, and the pain's starting to get sharper each time... Today though, there's no throbbing. Just a dull headache that won't go away. I think I need to schedule an appointment with a neurologist so that I can get a recommendation for a CT Scan or an MRI. This throbbing's starting to worry me...

After my friend's wedding this Saturday, I'm going to block my weekends. I prolly won't accept invites to any activities anymore for the rest of December. I need to rest. Both The Memet and I need to get some rest. He's also been very busy. We both lack sleep.

So... To those of you who've seen my Twitter/Facebook updates... NO, I'm not irritable because I'm pregnant. Hehe. I'm just stressed out. And since I'm stressed out, I most likely cannot get pregnant this month. Good luck.

Anyway, I hope I can get back to my regular 8-hour sleep routine next week. Hehehe. In the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, y'all!

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