Thursday, December 17, 2009
I can't bear to think about work for another second, so I thought I'd blog for a few minutes instead. Hehehe.

First blog topic that came to mind while I was accessing Blogger was... making a wishlist! Hehe.

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I'm not making one specifically just for the holidays (our religion doesn't celebrate Christmas), so this wishlist can also double as my advance birthday wishlist. My birthday's 3 months away, but... Who cares? Hahaha! I seriously doubt I'll get anything anyway. I'll still make a wishlist just for the fun of it. LOL.

Here goes!

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1. A new cellphone! My Nokia 6300 is already a little over 2 years old. The Memet and I bought it November of 2007. Hehe. It's rather old, but it's still in tip top shape. But I still want a new phone just for the heck of it. LOL!

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2. An HP Mini! A pink one, no less! Hehe. I know I said that I think our desktop PC at home's just fine, but there are times when I've found the need to be online while I'm out and... well... Isn't it just cute? Hehehe... :p

Image source: Ebuystore.com.ph

3. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I already have a Nikon D40 and a Canon Powershot D10... But I still want the Samsung ES55 for some reason. Hahaha! I know I still want it because I always, always go back to ebuystore to just look at it and wish I had one. LOL!

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4. I love my 1st gen Ipod Shuffle and it still works just fine... But a new, pink one would be nice. Plus, this one's smaller. Hehe.

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5. I am such a geek. First, the little tech toys, and now, books! Hehe. I'm a busy gal, but I always find time to read Nora Roberts/JD Robb books - Usually while commuting to work. I just love a good crime/mystery/romance novel. Hehe. Actually, the bookshelf is also part of my wishlist. My collection of books is starting to grow and it would be nice if I had a nice shelf (like the one above) to display them in.

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6. I am also a sucker for accessories. There goes the girl in me! Hehe. I love chunky bracelets and necklaces... I'm not much of an earring person and, I rarely wear cocktail rings now that I have my wedding ring. Hehe. But I sure love necklaces and bracelets!

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7. Aside from accessories, I'm also a sucker for cute dresses. Buy me one? LOL. :p

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8. And, of course... Shoes. Gotta have more shoes. Hehe. I love heels, but only for church, and occasionally for work. I'm eyeing a few pairs of flats that I'd like to buy once extra moolah's available. But if you want to give me a cute pair, you're more than welcome to! Hehe.

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9. Ahh... Isn't this bag just gorgeous? It's a Gucci, so there's no way I can afford it. A knock-off maybe, but not the original. LOL. Actually it's been a while since I last bought a nice bag. Let me take that back... It's been a while since I last bought anything (aside from techs). I need a new bag... A nice office bag. Who wants to take me on a shopping spree? LOL.

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10. And finally... The one special gift on my wishlist that only the Almighty One can give me and my hubby. A cute, adorable, cuddly baby. =) Well, ofcourse, there's no way our baby would have brown hair and blue eyes (but the baby in the picture is just so cute... lol)... The Memet and I will just continue praying. And while there's no baby yet, I'll keep dragging The Memet to local tourist destinations that I've been dying to visit. Hehehe.

Well, that's my wishlist. Nobody ever gives me anything on the wishlists that I make... But it's always fun making one. Maybe if I show this wishlist to The Memet, he'll get me one of the things on the list. Hehehe!

Oh well, that's all for now, I guess. Next post will be my New Year's Resolution. ;-) Do you already have yours?

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