Tuesday, December 22, 2009
I feel so lazy and sleepy today. Wish I could just stay home and laze around in my bedroom...

Aside from lazing around, I also wanna go shopping. But I dropped by Landmark earlier to check out some things and was horrified by the swarms of people. The lines at the cashiers were long... People everywhere... It was too crowded for the lazy me. I just bought what I needed and high-tailed it outta there.

I never really was too thrilled about the holiday rush. Maybe I'll drag The Memet to a shopping escapade next year - which is in just a couple of weeks. Hehe.

Didn't have anything to read on my way to work today. I already finished reading Imitation in Death (JD Robb) last night while waiting for The Memet and his friends to wrap up their little office party. I would've brought Innnocent in Death (JD Robb) with me today, but the hardbound book was too big. Sigh. So, yeah. I just realized that a hardbound book isn't the way to go if you're planning on lugging it around. Maybe it's fine if you have a car, but then again, how can you read while driving? LOL. A paperback is so much more convenient to tote around. But, I always have to be extra careful when I have a paperback in my bag. I don't like creases on my books. Hehe.

I want a looooong vacation. I so dislike the fact that we have scheduled trainings on Dec. 24th and Dec. 30th. Yeah. That means I'm in the office till Thursday this week. And next week, I'll be in the office from Monday to Wednesday. Huhu... Unfair.

Well, I guess I can continue to whine and complain and do whatever here right now, but I have to get back to work. Sigh. So lazy... I hope I don't fall asleep while monitoring calls. LOL. I don't like monitoring calls. It's so boring. I like training better. You can put me in a training room anytime. I'll be tired, sure. But I'll be happy and far from bored. Hehehe.

'Nuf said. Back to work. LOL.

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