Happy 2010!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Okay... I know this is rather late, but let me start off this blog entry by greeting everyone a Happy New Year! =P I hope everyone celebrated with a bang. Hehe.
If you noticed, I was practically MIA during the holidays. We were just uber busy and I didn't have time to go online much. I was able to upload some pics to my Multiply account, do some tweeting, and some updating in Facebook, but that was about it. During downtimes, I just played Plants vs. Zombies. LOL!

Lemme do a quick recap of the things I did starting Rizal Day:

Dec. 30 - Visited The Memet's relatives in Paco, Manila. Had lunch with them, then went to Manila Ocean Park with my sister in law's family. Ocean Park was jam-packed that day. I ended up getting dizzy and a few more hours in there, I got a headache. There were soooo many people. Kids were running around, adults and kids shouting everywhere... My goodness. I felt so sorry for the fishies too. Some of their aquariums/tanks seemed too small. And some people still took pictures with their flashes on despite the many reminders via the PA system. I'm sure the fishies were even more stressed than I was. I would've been much happier to see the fishies in their natural habitat.

Dec. 31 - New Year's Eve! The Memet and I slept in, so we were in bed until just before noon. Hehe. Did some chores after lunch, took a nap, then went out to buy cakes. Who would've thought buying cakes on New Year's Eve was such a challenge? We had to go through 3 Red Ribbon branches because we were looking for a Black Forest cake. After the 3rd try, we gave up and just bought Cookies and Cream. LOL. Same thing happened with Goldilocks. My mom wanted Crema de Fruta, but it was also out of stock. We ended up just buying several boxes of Pinipig Polvoron. LOL. Around 10pm, Kuya Mel led our prayer then at 11:45pm, we proceeded to the roof top (4th floor) to enjoy the view of the fireworks display around Rizal. Since it was a clear night, we could see as far as The Fort. Hehehe. Love it!

Jan. 1 - We were supposed to spend some time with my family after midnight, but when we went to my parents' house at around 2am, the house was quiet and still. Apparently, they slept early. LOL. The Memet and I thought about going to Tagaytay and stay there to just watch the sunrise, but coz we were already tired, decided to just go back home and go to sleep. After just a few hours of sleep, we got up again and got busy. We had some guests who needed entertaining. Hahaha! Took a nap after lunch, then at 4pm, went back to my parents' place. Watched Paranormal Activity (Creepy...) with them, ate, and just had fun. =D

Jan. 2 - The Memet and I slept in again. (I love holidays! Haha!) At around 11am, I started making calls to see if there were any doctors available at the clinics in Manila East Hospital and Medical City (Junction). I've been coughing and sneezing since Dec. 23rd and it was about time I went to see a doctor. Hehe. Apparently, the Medicard accredited doctors were also out for the holidays and wouldn't be back till Jan 4th. Tsk... So The Memet and I just went to Robinsons Galleria. We spent the day window shopping and stuffing our faces with Krispy Kreme Donuts and slurping Starbucks frappes. Hahaha!

Jan. 3 - Went to church early morning. After church, had breakfast then cleaned out our room. Around noon, I asked The Memet to bring me to the hospital coz I was having difficulty breathing. Was prolly due to my cough and cold. I was in the ER for almost 3 hours. They didn't really do anything. Just took some blood for a CBC (Nurse had to try 3 times. T'was quite painful too! Toink!), took some urine sample for a urinalysis and preg test, and then I had to have a chest xray done. Everything was normal (preg test negative) according to the results and the doctor in the ER just ended up giving me a mucolytic. Way to spend the day. Hay. To make me feel better, The Memet bought me some chick n chips from Shakeys for a late lunch. =D Evening of Jan 3rd, CY, Zul, Joss, Ian, and I got together at Starbucks in SM Taytay to do some catching up. =) The pictures are still in my digicam. Hehe.

And TODAY, well, back to work. Sigh. I wish the holidays lasted forever. Hehehe.

My next entry will be my New Year's Resolutions. I know I mentioned a few entries ago that I'll be making one, and it's already running late... But well, *shrug*. Hehe. I'll get to it when I find the time. Hehehe.

So... There goes my first blog entry for the year! That's all for now. Laterz, everyone! =D

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  1. we all have a common new years wish: "wish the holidays lasted forever!" LOL

    nice to hear (or read) you had a very exciting holidays with your family and loved ones. that's what holidays are for anyway.

    happy new year, diane & dan!

    - jon, ayah & aya jr. :)

  2. Thanks Jon! Happy new year to you and your cute little family too! =D

    Oh, that is SO TRUE! Don't we all just want the holidays to last forever? Hehehe...


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