Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Oh my gosh! I can't believe it. Just a couple more days and it's already our 1st Wedding Anniversary! I feel like it was just yesterday when we got married. Hehehe.

I'm so looking forward to next week. I'll be on leave for 4 days (why not 5 days? LOL) from work. We're just going to Batangas and Tagaytay. No budget for a trip to Bohol since we just recently came from Coron. Hehe. The Memet's in charge of our accommodations in Batangas. I, on the other hand, took care of our accommodations in Tagaytay. I can't wait to go there! I requested for a little something to be prepared in our room before we check-in. It's a little surprise for The Memet since our anniv is also his birthday. Will post pictures when we come back from our little vacation. =D

Sheesh, been so busy with work lately. Deadlines left and right, issues now and then. My goodness. Anyway, gotta get back to work so that I can finish my tasks by 10pm!


  1. advanced happy first year wedding anniversary!

    ...and happy birthday to Dan, too. ;)

  2. Is that your wedding photo? :) It looks romantic :) Enjoy your trip! I wish I could take a 4 day trip with my hubby too.

  3. Hi Jon! Thanks for the greetings. Hope you're feeling better now. :)

    Hi Ida! Yup, it's one of our wedding portraits. Thanks! :) Why not go on a trip with your hubby? It'll be loads of fun. :)


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