Burst Bubble

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The big red dot decided to burst my happy bubble again. Back to feeling down... Still no baby. Sigh. =(

Back to the drawing board...

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  1. i remember wifey getting disappointed too whenever the red flag is up. but yes, in God's perfect time, your little angel will come!

    try to take some good rest. take some time out away from stress and just relax, both of you. then set everything in the mood ;)

  2. Awww. Thanks bro. Will try to steer clear from stress. Will also keep praying. :)

  3. may tip pa nga sa amin na gusto ko ring i-tip sa inyo. kaso nakakahiya dito sa blog. hahaha

  4. LOL! Email mo sa 'kin o kaya text mo nalang. Ayah has my #. Hehehe... :p

  5. Oh, sorry to hear that, sis. Keep on trying.

    I've been on medication late last year, to no avail. At the moment.. Mr. A and I are trying to accept the (huge) possibility that we won't have babies.

    As for you, am sure the stork will come at the right time. ;-) Be patient. Keep on praying.

    Baby dust for you.

  6. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that too, sis. And thanks for the baby dust. :) I hope our storks come soon enough. :)

    You know, I find it ironic how some people who AREN'T trying to have babies, end up with babies, while there are people like us who want babies but are having such a hard time conceiving. LOL.


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