Delays with Blog Posts

Tuesday, February 02, 2010
Ayayay... Yesterday, I said in my blog entry that I will be posting entries about our wedding anniversary getaway and my series of unfortunate events.

Lo and behold... Still no blog entries on those topics. TOINK.

I was ready to blog when I got home last night, complete with pictures and all, but The Memet had (more) work to do and so he was using the PC until I fell asleep. *sob*

Makes me wish I had my own PC. Or better yet, my own pink laptop! A new cp that can connect to wifi is okay (eherm, pink Nokia 5530? hehe), but a pink hp mini is even better! LOL.

Wow, my birthday is just about a month away... I wonder if I should bug The Memet for a grandioso birthday gift... Hmmm... Hahaha!

I hope The Memet won't be taking home anymore work tonight so I can finally work on my pending blog posts. Wish me luck. Hehehe...


  1. hi... just dropping by and i saw the picture of the pink laptop.. it's the same as mine,,, hehe

  2. Wow. You have a very cute laptop then. Hehe. =D


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