Puppy Love

Monday, February 15, 2010
Sigh... I can't wait to adopt Boogie (my cousin Jaimie's beagle)! Hehe...

I hope Jaimie doesn't forget to give him to me before she leaves the country. Oh, well... That's IF she'll still leave. It's an IF now, coz of new developments in her love life. Haha! If she doesn't leave, I get to keep a cousin. If she does, I get a cute Boogie-woogy. It's a win-win situation! LOL!

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  1. Aaaaww.. puppy! I've always wanted one. Boogie will be yours soon, I hope. :-)

  2. Thanks, Liza. Ü I hope so too! *fingers crossed* Hehe.

    You should also get a puppy! They're super cute & adorable. Ü


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