Friday, February 05, 2010
As you all know, The Memet and I just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary last week. And yeah, yeah, I still owe you guys that post/kwento about our trip... Tomorrow, promise. Hehe. :p
Going back... No, this is not going to be a mushy moment. Haha! I just want to say that though it's been a year already, I still feel like the wedding was just yesterday... Or maybe last week. Hehe. If only we could get married every year. LOL! Then we won't ever be able to save money. Hahaha! Maybe I should just be a wedding planner or something... I just love, love, love weddings. Hehe.
Anyway, I just wanted to share some (more) pictures from our wedding. I have these pics saved in my PC here at work and I just open the folder to view it everytime I feel like reminiscing... =D

My parents walking me down the aisle. Hehe. This photo was taken by Andre Photography. I just cropped it from the actual pic that I have saved in Flickr. Hehehe.

Another pic I cropped from the one that our official photographer took. Hehe.

A pic with our entourage. 2 groomsmen are missing. Haha! This pic was taken by Kenn Garcia, boyfriend of Jenn, one of my bridesmaids. :)

This is one of my favorite photos. Taken by Andre Photography, our official photographer. Sayang, kita yung wallfans. hehe. This was taken after the wedding ceremony, before we went to the reception venue. =) We have a 16x20 copy of this in our bedroom. =D

Our first dance. We danced to "The Greatest Story Ever Told" by Oliver James. Beautiful, beautiful song. =) This photo was taken by my supervisor, David Chaingan. Hehe. =D

We didn't get to spend that much time in our little gazebo, so I was uber happy when my friend Francis sent me a copy of this pic. Nobody else was able to take a picture of us in this cute little nook! Haha!

Some of my friends having fun at the photo booth by Pose n Print. Hehehe. Photo taken by Francis again. =D

We had around 250 guests listed in our official guestlist. Around 300 people showed up. Hahaha! It was sort of chaotic but I didn't notice anymore. We all had fun. I love planning parties and big events. =D I wish I'd get pregnant already so that I can plan our baby's 1st and 7th birthday parties. Hahaha!

***I dunno why it's so difficult to fix the spacing between paragraphs when pictures are present in my blog posts. Ayayay. Sorry if the entry looks kinda messed up. I tried and tried, but, I gave up eventually. Hehe.


  1. Lovely wedding kapatid! (yes i am an INC too!);) just blog hopping and came across your site!

  2. Hi sis! Thanks for dropping by! Glad to meet another "kapatid" here in the blogosphere! =D


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