Where Did My Weekend Go?

Monday, February 08, 2010
Okay. I finally give up trying to type up my anniv trip kwento for you guys. The Memet was on the PC all weekend with workload up to his neck so I wasn't able to squeeze in some blog time. Bummer. :-( I feel sorry for The Memet though. He's always so busy.

But if you would like to find out what we did and were we went during our anniv trip, you can visit my Multiply account. Just let the pics do the story-telling. ;-)

Sometimes I really, really wish I could get a laptop. That way, I can go about my online "stuff" even when The Memet's working away on the PC. Hehe. The upside to not being able to wrestle away the PC from a busy husband? I was able to get some extra snooze time. Haha!

Anyway, it wasn't all bad this weekend. The Memet still had time to go to Tiendesitas with me Saturday afternoon. We pigged out and window shopped to our hearts' content. Of course, a trip to Tiendesitas is never complete without dropping by Pet Village. We just love the cute doggies! =D

Speaking of pet dogs, cousin Jaimie had pleasant news for me when we saw each other later that day at Tita Arlene's birthday dinner. She said that she'll be giving me her pet beagle, Boogie, when she leaves for her board exam (She'll be taking her nursing board in Guam and might just stay there for good... Huhu). I'm still saddened everytime I think of her leaving since she's my only female cousin from my father's side. But I'm also very excited about having a dog of my own again since I only get to see Kakai (my Japanese Spitz) when I visit my parents - which is like every Sunday. The excitement aside, I'm also a bit hesitant coz... Well... Will I have time to take care of Boogie? Lord knows how busy The Memet and I are... Uh-oh... Anyway, that's still a few months away...

I'm sleepy. Wish I was at home, instead of at work, so that I can curl up in bed and just fade away to la-la-land. Hehehe.

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