Another Year Older

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
And so I turned another year older 2 days ago. Hehe. Wasn't that eventful, really. Just a few things here and there, and a whole lotta greetings from friends, family, and acquaintances alike. Hehe.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all those who remembered my natal day. Your greetings were more than enough to make my day special. :)

Just so I have something to remember my birthday by, I'll enumerate the stuff that happened. Hehe.

Here goes:

March 6th - Had a big lunch at home with The Memet's family (yep, including his sister's family).

March 7th - Had a nice dinner over at my parents' house. My brother bought a cake... Red Ribbon's Chocolate Marjolaine Yummy! Hehe.
March 8th - My Birthday! Hehe. I slept in until 10am. We were supposed to go to the Brgy. Hall at 8am to get me a Brgy. Clearance, but I felt so lazy and couldn't get up early, so The Memet left me sleeping and went to the office for a few hours. When he came back home around 11am, I was freshly bathed and ready to go. LOL. Here's a list of our itineraries for the day:
* Brgy. Hall - Got my Brgy. Clearance in less than 15 minutes. Needed it coz I'm opening a bank account with BPI. This account's for my small business. Hehe. Anyway, I needed a Brgy. Clearance because the only valid ID I have is my company ID. LOL!

* Colegio Sto. Domingo - Dropped off Teacher Karla's By Nature Handmade Soap orders.

* KFC - The Memet and I love KFC. Hehe. We eat there every chance we get.

* BDO (SMPC Ortigas) - After more than a year of being married, I finally got around to updating my name on my payroll account. LOL!

* Greenhills - Remember The Memet got me a Communicator last month? After a few weeks of using it, I decided it wasn't the phone for me. It was too bulky and too heavy. Its features were nice, but I realized I didn't really need all of it. So... We traded it in for a Nokia 6303. It's the newer version of the 6300, my previous phone. I've just had the 6303 for 2 days, and I just love it to pieces. It has the same sturdy built, nearly the same look, but has cool new features like a built in flash for a 3mp camera, light sensor, cute themes, and longer battery life, to name a few. I love it! And for that, super thank you, Memet! Mwah mwah mwah! Hehe.

* Antipolo - The Memet decided to bring me to this subdivision in Antipolo (Near Cloud 9) where there are undeveloped phases. We've been eyeing a few hundred square meters there for quite some time. Hehe. The view up there was amazing. You can see Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay, as well as other parts of Rizal behind the mountain! Hehe. It was also pretty windy up there. :) Only downside to it is it's quite far. I sure won't be able to commute to Makati from there within 30 minutes. Heck, I'd probably need my own car. It would be nice to own a vacation home up there, but we can't afford one right now because... well, we need to buy our own place (not a vacation home) first. LOL! We were looking into buying a condo unit, but condo unit nowadays cost just about the same as a small house and lot so we'd rather go for the latter. It's just so hard looking for affordable lots w/in the Cainta area. Yep, we still want to live in Cainta so that we can be just a stone's throw away from our parents' houses. :) Plus, we've lived in Cainta almost all our lives. We just can't imagine living anywhere else. Hehehe.

So there. After Antipolo, we went back home and just chilled. Then around 6pm, The Memet went back to the office to do more work.

Speaking of work, gotta get back to work. So many things to do. LOL. Toodles! :)
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