Commuter Chronicles # 8

Friday, March 12, 2010
I don't know what it is with inconsiderate commuters nowadays, but they seem to be growing in number.

Have you ever sat next to a lady who liked putting on makeup while commuting? Well, I have. A couple of times now. I don't really mind that they do their whole makeup business in an fx (when it should be done in private), because they were probably crunched for time. But this particular lady that I sat next to today was just extraordinary.

I was sitting at the back of the fx because I had several bags with me (orders. hehe). I like sitting at the back because it's a lot more spacious there. I was a happy camper up until this lady hailed the fx. As she tried to sit next to me, she also hit me with about 2 of the bags she was carrying. No apology. That was fine. I let it pass because I know how hard it is to lug around a lot of things while commuting.

Next offense happened a few minutes later. She was trying to fix her hair and in the process, she hit my head with her elbow several times. I fixed my hair and brushed my hand against her elbow in the process just so she'd notice that her elbow was right next to my head. Hmmm. No apology again. I was already starting to get pissed off at this point.

Since I noticed that she seemed to be the type to move around quite a lot while (i.e. malikot), I scooted farther away from her and made sure to leave ample space between us. I personally try not to take up too much space when commuting because I understand that it's shared space with other passengers. Isn't that what normal people do?

So there. Take note that there's now about 6 inches of space between us.

A couple more minutes into the commute and the lady started rummaging in her bag for her makeup. Again, I'm fine with ladies doing their makeup in public - Even if it really should be done in a washroom or in their bedroom, or just generally somewhere private. But anyway, the way she rummaged through her things was just absurd. Her elbows were extended so she kept hitting me with her right elbow in the process. I treid not to react, but I felt that my face was already starting to turn sour. Remember I mentioned there was already about 6 inches of space in between us? Hay.

She was doing her makeup for the most part of the commute, so the "elbowing" went on for quite a while. I couldn't take it anymore so I shot her an angry, irritated look. And boy oh boy did she see it. Hehe.

I thought she'd stop, but nope. She still went right on. She even fixed her hair again and bopped me on the head with her elbow yet again.

I knew at that point that my facial expression was the epitome of anger. The guy in front of me saw my reaction. But what I did was I scoot over a little more farther away from her. And then I shot her another look.

A few minutes after that, the lady had the nerve to say "Sa susunod, mag-taxi ka para solo ka" (Next time, take a cab so you can have the space to yourself). THE NERVE! I wasn't able to hold back and I shot right back at her. I had to say it. "Why don't you try having just a little etiquette and respect to other passengers?". I said it quietly of course. Quietly, but very clearly so that she would hear it. I wasn't able to say it in Filipino. I usually think in English when I'm angry. And so my retort came out in English.

After that, she sort of behaved. Sort of. I could feel her vibrating with anger. I just sat there and wondered how people can be so inconsiderate to others in their immediate vicinity. Honestly, I don't see how she could be angry at me when I did nothing but give her all the space she wanted. I just reacted because she was taking up even MORE space and hitting me with her elbow at the same time.

Anyway, I think it's better if I just sit next to a guy next time. They usually take up less space and are a little more respectful to lady passengers. Unless they're the type who likes to sit with their legs widespread. Now that's another story.


  1. I have many rants about commuting- mainit, masikip, madali talaga uminit ang ulo ko. If I'd sat beside this lady and she said that to me, baka inaway ko na to. Hehe, warfreak. :)

  2. LOL! Quite honestly, I wanted to pull her hair nung pababa na sya, but I held back from doing it. Feeling ko kasi pag ginawa ko yun, wala na kong pinagkaiba sa kanya. Hehehe.

    And hirap kasi dito sa 'tin. Nakakainit ng ulo mag-commute, pero nakakainit parin ng ulo pag nag-drive. Walang lusot. LOL. I can't stay holed up at home all my life naman. Hehehe!

    Good luck nalang sa ating mga commuters. ;-)


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