Of Imaginary Ex-Boyfriends and Sweet, Protective Brothers

Monday, March 29, 2010
My brother texted me last night and he was apparently unsettled about something.

He was with his friend and they were with a group of other people. When one of the guys from the group learned of my bro's last name, he asked my brother if he and I were siblings. Naturally, he said yes.

Apparently, the "group of people" they were with, were friends with this guy who told them that I was his ex-girlfriend. So my brother texted me and asked me if I even knew the guy. I was surprised when my brother asked me. I knew the guy. But no, he was most definitely not my ex-boyfriend. My brother, my mom, and my dad all knew whenever I had a boyfriend. I never kept secrets from them. I guess my brother was agitated because the group of guys were insisting that I was their friend's ex-girlfriend. Maybe they thought I'm the type who keeps secrets from her family. Just goes to show that my supposed "ex-bf" really didn't know me.

I just told my brother not to mind whatever else they were saying. Bad karma will find its way to those who deserve it. He said he can take the rumors just fine. He's still wary of them though. And he said this "ex-bf" of mine better watch the rumors he's spreading, because if he says anything bad against me, well... You know how brothers can be. Hehehe.

I actually found the whole incident amusing. My brother can be very protective and sweet like that. *grin* Makes me proud to have a brother like him. :)

This here is my little brother. Well, he's not so little anymore. Hehe.

So anyway, in case anyone else hears this rumor, please know that Mark Christian dela Cruz is not my ex-boyfriend. He was just an acquaintance. I only had 4 boyfriends before I got married and my family knew all 4 of them. No, I didn't have 4 boyfriends at the same time. :p The gap between each of them was roughly 2 years. After the 4th one, I was single for about 6 years. Then I met The Memet and the rest as they say, is history. Hehe. ;)

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