My Very Own Badge

Tuesday, April 06, 2010
There really are so many generous souls out there. Hehe. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Surrealprincess for creating a badge for my blog. Actually, two badges! Hehe. Ü

Here they are:

I like them both, but I chose the second one coz the color is more eye-catching. What do y'all think? Ü
Anyway, feel free to grab my badge. Hehe. The code's right there on the right hand side of my blog. Hope to see it on some of your blogs! Ü


  1. Thanks sis! Sure, by all means. Hehe. Ü

  2. Super thanks ulit sis. For the badges and for giving me the codes narin. Hehe. Ü

  3. hey nice badge! get your own domain na rin ;)

  4. Thanks Jon! :)

    I wanna get my own domain nga din sana eh. Kaya lang sasabihin ni Dan, gastos lang yun. Haha!

  5. fee is very minimal for a year. kayang kaya mo ;)

  6. Hehe. I think I have to prioritize going PRO on my Flickr account, coz our PC's running low on storage space. I need to transfer all the photos somewhere. Hahaha!


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