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Monday, April 19, 2010


I meant to blog over the weekend but was unable to do so because of so many things going on and on top of that, I've been having seriously painful toothaches since last Thursday.

Okay, rewind. Last Thursday, it was just a minor discomfort around the gums on the left side of my mouth. By Friday last week it turned into a full blown tooth ache. The cause? An impacted wisdom tooth. *ARGH*

It was kinda ironic because I had my regular cleaning done last April 10th. That was when my dentist told me that I seemed to have an impacted molar and asked me if it was causing me any pain. I told him, "No pain whatsoever, doc". Well, lo and behold. Just a few days later, I wanted to have my head chopped off because of the darned tooth.

So, I endured the pain during my shift last Friday. I wasn't able to sleep much when I got home either because I kept waking up coz of the pain. By 6am, I just decided to get up because the pain wouldn't let me sleep anyway. I just played Plants vs Zombies. Hahaha!

By 9 o'clock, I called my dentist's clinic, hoping to be scheduled for a check up that morning, but he was already fully booked.

By 12nn, we were on our way to QC for my hubby's nephew's 7th birthday. I was the unofficial photographer so I couldn't opt out. The party kept me busy. I took photos for around 3 hours and it sorta kept my mind off the pain. And Jollibee (the mascot) & the host were so entertaining that I couldn't help but laugh along with the guests despite the pain. Oh yeah, by this time, my left cheek was already swollen. Argh.

We got home around 5pm, and by that time, I felt dead tired. But, The Memet and I just freshed up then we were off to his dentist friend. She wasn't in her clinic, but her colleague was there and confirmed that the pain was caused by my impacted molar (Impaktong molar is more like it). She said that I needed to have an x-ray done and referred me to Lapid's in Metro East. We still had time, so The Memet and I hopped in the car and drove off to Metro East. Seriously, all the travelling was making the pain even worse.

We got to Robinsons Metro East around 8pm. I had my xray done in just a few minutes and the results were available after 15 mins. It was completely unintrusive unlike the xray that my brother had to undergo when he had his braces. Cost us 800 buckaroos though.

Sunday morning, despite the heat, I couldn't tie up my hair because I wanted to cover my swollen cheek. Haha! We went to church with my hair all over the place just so people wouldn't notice the swollen cheek and think that I had the mumps or something.

I called up my dentist when we got home from church with the hopes of scheduling a checkup with him that same morning. Well, he did pick up, but unfortunately, he wasn't accepting patients that day coz they were having things fixed in the clinic. He did tell me to take antibiotics and paracetamol (I'm allergic to mefenamic acid and ibuprofen) and scheduled me for a checkup Monday (today).

The swelling eased up a bit since I started taking antibiotics (Thank God!). And the pain isn't as bad as it was now that I'm taking Biogesic. Hehe. But it's still there.

I'm now at work, but around 12nn, I was at my dentists' clinic for my check up. He went over my xray and yeah, there really is no other choice but to undergo surgery to have the molar extracted. Before the surgery, I have to undergo some lab tests (cbc, bleeding time, clotting time) and I had to finish taking my antibiotics first (3x a day for 7 days). I'm scheduled for a follow up check up next Monday and the surgery will be done next Friday. *AFRAID*

Aside from the fact that I'm terrified of having the surgery... I'm also a bit worried about the expenses. He said that the procedure would cost around 12k, but since I have Medicard through work, I can get the discounted rate of 10k. Has anyone else here had an impacted molar removed via surgery? Is that the average rate? Waaahhhh...

Oh, and I was also supposed to have a root canal done for my impacted molar's neighboring tooth. Yeah, I have another problem tooth. It's a pre-molar. This pre-molar and the impacted molar are just 2 teeth apart. Haha! Torture. It's not causing me any trouble though. I haven't felt any pain coz of the pre-molar at all. But anyway, I asked my dentist if it's possible to just extract that as well, coz I'm planning to have braces put on in the future anyway. Luckily, he said yes! Hehe. That root canal would've cost around 8k. Ick.

Anyway, that's all. I just wanted to share what I was going through these past few days. I'll post some updates regarding my impaktong molar if anything exciting happens. LOL. See y'all around! =)
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  1. scary :S i hate going to the dentist really but of course I want my teeth to be clean so no choice but to visit them :D

  2. Yup! Super scary indeed! Kahit na minor surgery lang sya, I'm terrified. Hahaha! Hay naku...

    But yes, visiting the dentist regularly is a great idea. Gotta keep them teeth and gums healthy! :)


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