Joining the Jejemon Bandwagon

Monday, May 24, 2010
First off, lemme just say that based on the post's title, NO, I am NOT going to start using the Jejemon lingo in any way. Over my dead body. Haha!

In joining the Jejemon bandwagon, I mean I am now going to talk about them in my blog as if we all haven't read and heard about them too much already.

Now, why would I want to talk about them? Well, I just want to share my opinion about the new lingo that's becoming all too rampant. *cringe*

In case you still don't know what a Jejemon is, lemme bring you up to date. Here's a definition from Wikipedia:

Jejemon is a pop culture phenomenon in the Philippines. Jejemons are defined by Urban Dictionary as those "who has managed to subvert the English language to the point of incomprehensibility and online lynch squads."[1] A Jejemon is described as one of a "new breed of hipsters who have developed not only their own language and written text but also their own sub-culture and fashion."[2] Jejemons also imitate "gangster" like attitudes which make them similar to the English chav, Scottish ned, Irish skanger, Russian gopnik and Australian & New Zealand bogan.
Whether you believe it or not, there are also levels to being a Jejemon.


Mild – eow pU..MxTa pu? jejeje

Moderate- eOw pfOw„ Na M1Sz pfOu qTah! mWahXz!Severe – 3Ow pfU!,..aN3U pfOW gW4 n3O? tX tX nUa lHarN sZa mEna GziNg pFa!

TERMINAL JEJENISM – “3Ow pf0U m3N4 p!p0L! nUa M1Xz k0 pF0u K30 nU4n z0bR4! wUaCk k30nG M3k A4Ng4Sz sXa b0SzX nu4 tuLad kW0 “

Reading text messages/posts from individuals with Mild Jejenism makes me cringe. Now I haven't read any text messages, posts, or emails from those with Moderate to Terminal Jejenism but I can imagine that it'll make my nose bleed. I can only be thankful that I haven't encountered those kinds of individuals yet.

Now, my take on this whole Jejenism thing.

I think it's completely absurd. Jejemons probably think they're being cute, cool, and creative, but I beg to disagree. It's not cute, it's totally uncool, and it doesn't signify creativity at all.

I don't hate Jejemons. They're only human after all. But I seriously hope that the whole Jejemon-craze is over by the time I have a kid who's old enough to start studying or sending text messages.

You may all be well-aware of the current literacy rate in our country. I'm sure we all know that although education in this country is pretty swell, not all schools/universities/institutions have high standards. With that in mind, I think it's a sad fact that children and teeners who are lucky enough to be in school are being corrupted with Jejenism. I GUESS it's okay if it's just a short phase for some of the kids, but after reading through forums and articles, Jejenism hasn't infected just kids. There are grown adults out there who are also self-proclaimed Jejemons.

If you also read through forums and blogs, you'll notice that an alarming number of Filipino kids now do not know the proper use of punctuation marks, don't know proper grammar, and now with the advent of Jejenism, do not even know how to spell the simplest of words, may it be English or Filipino. I am only left to wonder how they fare in school.

Now, isn't that alarming?

I am somewhat relieved though to find out that DepEd isn't taking this matter sitting down. Though they haven't seriously done anything to eradicate Jejenism, I am glad to know that they have started to say something about it. Hopefully, in the near future, they'll have solid plans in place that'll address Jejenism.

You may read more about DepEd's stand on Jejemons here. (The article's link was posted on a thread in Girltalk, a forum in Female Network).

In the meantime, let's all value our education and converse in a civilized manner through text, email, etc.

Peace out. =)

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  1. Oh my gosh! O.o They made it to wikipedia?!?!? LOL!

    They actually have a fan page in FB where they banter with people of all sorts. haha! :)

  2. I know, right? They actually made it to Wikipedia. Hehe.


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