The Memet Series: Sleeping Alone

Monday, May 03, 2010
I slept alone last night because The Memet went out swimming with some friends. I was supposed to be with them, but I decided against it because the red flag was up and I would've just bored myself to death. :( So I stayed home, indulged myself with a looooong luxurious bath, surfed the internet, read a book, and slept alone last night.

Slight correction... I didn't sleep alone last night. I was alone, yes. But I hardly slept. I kept waking up every hour or so just to check if The Memet texted or better yet, if he was already home.

I was thinking he'd be home past midnight or at 2am at the latest, but apparently, I was wrong. By 4am, he still wasn't home and I was already worried sick, fuming mad, and tired. I kept calling and calling him, but he didn't pick up. So many things were running through my mind. I was so scared that he'd gotten drunk and tried to drive home drunk and met an accident. *SOB*

At around 5am, I fell asleep.

The Memet arrived around 6am. With pancakes and a sausage mcmuffin from McDonald's. (Bribe?) He was very apologetic and had this sad-puppy look in his eyes when he came in. The whole time he was preparing the food he brought home, he was saying "I'm sorry, I was wrong. I shouldn't have stayed so long. I should've just brought the scooter instead of the Revo so that I could've gone home ahead of the others."

I really felt that he was sorry. He even said it'll never happen again. So I couldn't find the heart to stay angry at him.
We ate breakfast in semi-silence (I couldn't give him the cold shoulder) and slept right after. I slept much better with him by my side. Even if I had to get up at 9:30am to prepare for work.
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